Youth Festival 2022-23 – Grade 1 to 5 (On Stage)

Scholars always set wonderful platforms for students to realise their capacity and develop their talents to their full potential. Scholars Youth Festival for grades 1-5 was conducted on 22 nd and 23 rd September 2022. Distinct events were conducted in different stages. The events were adjudged by prominent judges. The students participated with full vivacity and excitement. It was a fruitful opportunity for the junior students to showcase their talents.

























Kindergarten LEMONADE DAY for relief 2022

Kindergarten kiddies observed Lemonade day on 16 Sep 2022. The event was organised to teach business and entrepreneur skill and personal skills like team work, responsibility, self- esteem and pride. Most of all the activity focused on compassion for the deprived and welfare.
























Happy Onam 2022

Scholars Indian Private School celebrated Onam, the traditional festival of Kerala, on the school’s premises on 10 th September with various activities by involving students, staff and management of the school. The celebrations started with setting up of an attractive floral decoration (pookalam) competition in the tennis court area that was reminiscent of the agrarian past of Kerala, a South Indian state. Impressive designs and artistic creativity were the hallmarks of the Pookalam, which turned out to be attractive and mesmerizing and took everyone into a world of festivity and fun. The class wise pookalam competition were coordinated and led by respective class teachers. The main attractions of the programme were onappattu and the arrival of Mahabali amid the beats of panchavadyam was well-received by the students. Another attraction of the day was the house wise Tug Of War competition held for senior students. It empowers the sportsman spirit and unity among the students. School Chairman and Principal addressed the gathering and conveyed greetings and wishes of the festival.

























Hindi Diwas Celebration & Hindi club Inauguration 2022

Scholars Indian Private School Hindi Club Inauguration and Logo unveiling was congregated on Hindi Diwas (14-09-2022 ) in the school assembly. The chief guest for the event was our honourable Principal Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya K M. He officially inaugurated the Hindi club by cutting the ribbon and unveiled the Hindi Club Logo in presence of all students and our benevolent teachers . Our students presented Speech, Pariotic Hindi song and traditional Indian dance showcasing Indian culture and its heritage. The event was concluded by singing our national anthem.













































Scholars Parliament Investiture Ceremony 2022

The Scholars Parliament Investiture Ceremony was held on Monday, 12 September 2022 in the school assembly ground. The newly elected members took the oath and signed in the official register. The members swore to be accountable to their posts. The members received the official Sash from the honourable Chairman Habib Mundol, Principal Hameed Ali Yahya K M and Vice Principal Preetha M. The house captains and Vice captains took their responsibilities in the ceremony.

























Souhrudha Sandhya 2022(Scholars Malayalam Souhrudham Koottayma)

Malayalam Department of Ras Al Khaimah Scholars Indian Private School conducted the Souhrada Sandhya of the Souhradam koottayama as usual this year on Friday, 9th September 2022 at the School premises. School Principal Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya presided the meeting. The well-known Media Personality Mr. Anoop Keecheri inaugurated the function. School Chairman Mr. Habib Mundol and Vice Principal Ms. Preetha M were the other main personalities who took part in this meeting. There were colorful performances by the School Children. Miss. Nada Hanoon, who secured 100% marks in Malayalam during the CBSE exam of 2021-22 were honored during this meeting. The programs conducted by the School children keeping the Malayalam culture was the highlight of Souhrada Sandhya.




































































Teachers’ Day Celebrations 2022

On 5 th September2022, Scholars Indian Private School organised Teachers’ day to honour the gifted souls who work every day to make sure that the future is bright for all students. To communicate the students’ thought and love for their teachers, a card making competition for students of grade 1-3 and letter writing competition for students of grade 4-12 were conducted. A special assembly was conducted with scores of cultural programmes. The highlight of the day was Mrs. Gilda Trinidad was honoured by the Principal Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya K M for her 21 years of service at Scholars. Students of grade 9-12 shouldered the responsibility of taking classes in grades allotted to them. By playing the role of a teacher, students understood that teaching is not only a profession with rigorous standards; it is also a calling to serve others.

























Guidance for School Parliament Members & House captions - Hameed Ali Yahya K M (Principal, Scholars Indian Private School)

A CPD workshop was conducted by Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya K M, Principal (Scholars Indian Private School, RAK) on 25th August 2022 in the school auditorium. The topic discussed on the workshop was about the six performance standards. Types of teaching criteria were explained in detail. Difference between formative and summative assessments was discussed in the session. All teaching staff actively participated in this session.


























CBSE Board Examination Result - Grade X 2021-22

The whole Scholars Family is jubilant to announce that all our grade X students of the academic year 2021 -2022 (63/63) have passed the CBSE examination in flying colours. Ms. Hannah Joe Ann stands atop with 98.4% followed by Ms. Rida Thaju (97.2%) in the second place, and Master Muhammed Lehan N A & Ms. Meril Maria Abraham (97% each) in the third place. Out of 63 students 51 students secured marks above distinction. Congratulations dear students and parents.

























CBSE Board Examination Result - Grade XII 2021-22

The whole Scholars Family is extremely happy to announce that all our grade XII students in both Science and Commerce have passed the CBSE Examination 2022. In Science Master Hussain stands atop followed by Ms. Aafreen Zoobia Farooqui and Master Abhay Singh Rathore in second and third position respectively. In Commerce Ms. Keerthika Sreedharan stands atop followed by Ms. Anat Antony and Ms. Nandita Arunkumar in second and third position respectively. Congratulations dear students and parents.














































Speakers’ Club Inauguration 2022

The Speakers’ Club “The Rhetoricians” was inaugurated successfully on 30th June 2022 at 5:00 pm. The inauguration was held online on Microsoft Teams and various programs were conducted as a part of the inauguration ceremony. The club was inaugurated by none other than our honourable chief guest, Mr. Zalend Arifin who is our Scholars’ PTC member. The objective of the Speakers’ Club is to improve the speaking skills, debating, oratory, etc. of children. After the successful inauguration of the Speakers’ Club, felicitation speech was rendered by the chief guest who explained the importance of a good speaker and shared some tips to focus on fluency. The Chairman, Mr. Habib Mundol also felicitated everyone and encouraged children to participate in different Communication and Personality Development programs to improve their speech. The principal of the school, Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya motivated students by giving examples of some great speakers and asked them to keep working on their language and communication skills. The principal honoured the chief guest by giving him a token of appreciation.

























Music Beats Reality Show 2022

Scholar beats music club is planning for a Reality Show from September to December.  49 students registered from the music club. The first round of audition conducted for the registered students on 27th and 28th of June 2022 (Monday and Tuesday) in school. Students came prepared with a song and performed it in-front of the judges. Mrs. Reshma Raj (Music teacher), Mr. Prasad T P, Mrs. Elizabeth Shibu and Mrs. Aathira were the judges for the event.

























Awareness on Importance of YOGA - International Yoga Day 2022

The Yoga day session was held on 24th June 2022. The session was inaugurated by our Principal Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya K M presided by Dr. Leena Beegum (Ayurveda Practitioner). She gave an awareness on healthy lifestyle and importance of yoga and meditation. The Department head Mr. Siraj demonstrated some Yoga movements to the students. The session gave an insight to the students on physical activity to avoid sedentary lifestyle diseases.

























School Student Parliament Election 2022-23

The elections for the scholars School Parliament was held on 10 June 2022 in the school. The process depicted the real feel of a parliament election to the students. Declaration of the election, submission of nomination, scrutiny of nomination, withdrawal of nominations, campaign, voting, exit poll and the procedures related to the elections gave a distinct experience to the students. The school made another leap by providing online platform to cast the votes for the students who opted for distance learning. There were independent as well as panel supported candidates who contested for the posts of President, Prime Minister, Speaker, Minister for Culture & happiness, Health & Safety Minister, Minister for Sports, environment minister and magazine editor. The school Principal and management considers the requests of the elected representatives in the major academic and non-academic matters of the school. This would inculcate democratic values in the students, according to the Principal, Hameed Ali Yahya K M.

























Environment Day 2022-23

On account of “The World Environment Day” a Special Assembly was conducted by the students of Grade 10 A. A song was performed by students to emphasis the importance of the day and also the crucial role of the environment in sustainable development. All students were permitted to be in green outfit on the day to focus on the creation of the green economy. A poster exhibition for students of Grade 1 to 12 was also organized to make them aware of the importance of 3P’s – ‘Protect Preserve and Promote Mother Earth’. Most of our students have also donated saplings to be planted in the school garden demonstrating their commitment to environmental stewardship.

























Awareness session on ‘Social Media’ for students by the Principal

Nearly two years of online classes has exponentially increased children’s use of social media, leaving its effect on their behavior and study habits. A UK based report confirms that large majority of children above 13 years old are avid social media users. The report also says one- third of parents of children aged five to seven said their child had a profile, which rose to 60% among children aged eight to 11. Though there is an age restriction to create account in most of the social media, this can be easily overcome by providing a fake age. Some children have multiple accounts on the same platform – one for friends, one for parents etc. In view of this, the school understands that we are obliged to make them aware of the ramifications of social media use in the early ages. With this objective the school arranged a programme, ‘AWARENESS ON SOCIAL MEDIA’ for the students on 3rd June, 2022, in addition to the general awareness in the school assembly. The school Principal Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya K M elaborated the topic in the meeting. He explained how social media can make them detached from others and studies. He also explained the behavioural, physical and cognitive issues excess involvement in social median can cause. The class was interactive and lasted for about one hour.

























PISA Examination 2022-23

The PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) is a worldwide study by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development in member and non-member nations intended to evaluate educational systems by measuring 15-year-old school pupils' scholastic performance on mathematics, science, and reading PISA online assessment was conducted in our school on 25/5/2022, with a total of 17 students from grade 8, grade 9 and grade 10 .The assessments was based on the subjects English, Math and Science. The exam duration was 3 hours, with 2 sections, a multiple choice session and a student questionnaire session. The exam was conducted in a very efficient and organized manner.

























Online Safety Awareness for students (Kindergarten to Grade 4)

Scholars Digital Citizenship Week (May 17 - May 20)


Scholars Indian School has observed Digital Citizenship Week from 17 May 2022 to 20 May 2022 with an intention to give the teachers, parents and students with some e-safety policies. An Online Safety session for the parents of Kindergarten to Grade 4 was conducted on the Microsoft Teams platform on Friday, 20 May 2022. The guest speaker for the session was Dr. Archana Pandita, Program Director, Department of Computing Science, University of Sterling, RAK Campus. She gave an online guidance programme on the topic ‘‘Awareness on e-safety & Best Security Practices’’. Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya, the principal of Scholars Indian School, gave a brief introduction to the session. It was followed by the session by the guest speaker. She made the parents aware about some e-safety measures that they need to implement in their day to day life. She talked on how the parents should keep their children safe when they are online. She also suggested some ways like using parental-control software, child-friendly search engines etc. The session also helped the parents to know the significance of ensuring privacy setting policies and some basic ways like knowing the child’s password, keeping security software up to date etc. She further added some basic internet rules for the children. The principal bestowed the speaker by sharing a certificate as a token of appreciation. The session was really informative.

























Online Safety Awareness for students (Grade 5-8)

Scholars Digital Citizenship Week (May 17 - May 20)


Scholars Indian Private school was observing Digital Citizenship Week from 17 May 2022 to 20 May 2022. In connection with Digital Citizenship Week, school organised different awareness session on E-safety for teachers, parents and students. The Awareness session on e-safety & Best Security Practices was scheduled for the students of grade 5-8 on the MS Teams platform on Friday, 20th May 2022 at 8 pm. Mrs Vidhya Ragesh, senior lecture and program leader in electrical and electronic engineering & Mrs Renuka, senior lecture computing and program leader in software engineering were the guest speakers. Presence of Principal Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya and Vice Principal Mr. Thaju added elegance to the programme. It was a very interactive session which kicked off with a survey for the students and parents, where most of the students and parents willingly participated sharing their views and opinions. The guest speakers shared their knowledge on different topics like how to browse internet safely, email and phishing, cyberbullying and other areas which was the need of the hour. The programme ended with a Q&A session clarifying the queries of the students. The Principal shared a token of appreciation for the speakers. Towards the end of the session the Principal jogged the memory of the students on the e-safety policies of the school. Overall the session was very conducive and beneficial hoping to guide the student community towards safe and secure environment.

























Online Safety Awareness for students (Grade 9-12)

Scholars Digital Citizenship Week (May 17 - May 20)


The online safety session for students of grade 9 to 12 was held on 20 May 2022 at 5.30 pm. The session organised as part of the Digital Citizenship week was conducted by Dr. Archana Pandita, computing head of University of Stirling. The students had an interactive educational session as the resource person spoke on online threats, warned about the potential threats that we face due to our ignorance. She explained about the privacy settings and the methods to know authentic sites. She spoke about the need of protecting ourselves by choosing a strong password as many of us are careless in choosing password which can be easily tracked. The session was very informative and enlightening.

























Community Iftar by Scholars Charity Club (2022-23)


Scholars Charity club in connection with Zayed Humanitarian Day organised a Community Iftar in the school premises on April 20, 2022. The students and staff wished the entire humanity to be safe and offered prayers on this blissful Ramadan as whatever is prayed for at the time of breaking the fast is granted and never refused. The organisers wished to spread the message that giving is not just about making a donation, it's about making a difference as every act of kindness is a Sadaqah. The compassionate members and volunteers showed the world that one act of kindness at a time makes a change. Love only grows by sharing and you can have more for yourself by giving to others. The younger generation learn that we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. All the little bits of good put together can overwhelm the world. The club had taken up several charity projects and are looking for more in the future to bring about changes in the world in the little possible ways.















































Digital Fest 2021-22 (Grand Finale)


Digital Fest is a Tech Project Expo, for innovative students to showcase their skills in digital technology. The competition is conducted by IT Department along with Cyber Square Innovative Learning Team. The competition was conducted in 3 steps. First level Screening, Second level screening and Final Round. First level screening was done on February 10th and 11th, based on their project in 3 categories (category 1: Grade 1 and 2, Category 2: Grade 3, 4 and 5, Category 3: Grade 6, 7 and 8)) with 104 participants. A total of 66 students were qualified for the second round. Final round was conducted on 22nd March from 4pm to 6pm on online platform in Microsoft Teams and 30 students were qualified as winners from all the 3 categories. The Grand finale was conducted on 20th April as an offline event in school auditorium along with a mini exhibition of all the projects of the finalists. Agenda of the day was prepared and executed. The event was inaugurated by Chairman, Introduction speech was given by Principal, Mr.Hameed Ali Yahya K.M. and was felicitated by Vice Principal, Mr.Thaju K.H. Key Note address was given by Mr. Deepak K.C (Head of Cyber Square Innovative Learning, GCC).The exhibition was visited by the students of all the classes. Certificates were issued to all the winners by the Chairman. Scholars Indian School is the first school in Ras al Khaimah, to introduce Coding and Artificial Intelligence from Grade 1 onwards. Digital fest will be conducted every year by end of January.


























Freshers’ Day Celebrations (2022-23)


Freshers’ day is the start of a new friendly academic year with a positive atmosphere to encourage the creative impulses to boost the confidence of the students. Scholars Indian school Freshers’ Day was celebrated on 11 th April 2022. Freshers’ day programme was conducted in the school assembly ground. Students from all grade were assembled to witness the programme. The programme started with prayer as it is a mark of our undying tradition to invoke the almighty at the beginning of every important occasion. Welcome dance by juniors added josh to the show. Mr. Tansen Habib, vice chairman inaugurated the Freshers’ day and inspired students with his message. Light symbolizes knowledge. The leaders and representatives of Scholars Indian School lighted the candle tree embarking the journey to light by bonding to destroy the darkness of ignorance. Principal Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya enlightened the students with his message. The programme ceased with a Guru Vandhanam dance by the senior students intimating their gratitude for the teachers. All the students were exuberant to be united under the same roof in the caring and loving school compound after two long years due to the pandemic and roister the Freshers’ day.















































Graduation Ceremony – Kindergarten (2021-22)


The kindergarten graduation Ceremony was organised on 19th March 2022 with pomp and splendour. 110 little masters dressed up in their graduation gowns merrily received their certificates. The guest of honour Dr. S Reshma (Principal, Our Own English High School, Fujairah) made the event magnificent with her graceful presence. The Vice Chairman Mr Tansen Habib in his message said that it was unfortunate that the children have lost some valuable time of school days due the Pandemic which can’t be recovered. He wished that schools will operate regularly as whatever happens in kindergarten lasts a lifetime. The Principal Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya gave the welcome address and HOD Kindergarten Mrs Sunita thanked parents, students, teachers, supporting staff for making the day eventful. The little stars showcased some performance to add glamour to the day.

































Graduation Ceremony – Grade XII (2021-22)


Scholars Indian School organised the 6 th Graduation day on Saturday, 12 th March 2022 for the outgoing batch of grade XII. The guest on the occasion was Ms. Nicole Haynes, Principal / CEO of Gems Westminster School, Ras al Khaimah, along with the Chairman Mr. Habeeb Mundol, Principal Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya, Vice Principal Mr. Thaju, Supervisors, HoDs, teachers and parents. 44 graduands were excited and happy to celebrate their prolific achievements. The Head of the departments presented the graduands and the students received the certificate from the Principal in the presence of the dignitaries. All in all, it was a stupendous ceremony which will never be forgotten by the graduands of 2022.

































Gulf Asian Inter-School Quiz competition 2022 – Got 5 th position.


Scholars Indian School, is glad to inform you that two students of our school, MOHAMMED MUNEER (11-science) and ASHIKA SHAJI KOYILOTH (9A) participated in the 18th Gulf Asian Inter-school quiz competition held on 20 February 2022 by the Gulf Asian English School, Sharjah, UAE. Our school completed with 24 schools of UAE & qualified for the final round and secured 5th position in the quiz competition. The winners were rewarded with certificates of participation and certificate for securing 5th position.










































Gold Medalist in the Juventus Academy Football Tournament 2022


Scholars Indian School is glad to inform you that, Master. Rehan Khan of grade 5D is a GOLD MEDALIST in the Juventus Academy Football Tournament 2022.























8th Middle East Karate Tournament-UAE 2022 - First Position


Scholars Indian School is glad to inform you that, Master. Krishiv Babasaheb Kadav of grade 3B achieved First Position in International Karate Organization (8th Middle East Karate Tournament-UAE 2022).























Prize Day (e-Youth Festival 2021-22) for Grade 1 to 8


The prize day of Scholars e-Youth Festival 2021-22 was held on February 21, 2022 for grade 1 to 3 and February 24, 2022 for grade 4 to 8.The winners of various offline and online events organised as the part of the e-youth festival received their certificates and trophies from the Principal Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya K M, Vice Principal Mr. Thaju K H, Supervisor Mr. Prasad T P and other teachers.





















Basketball and throwball competitions 2021-22


The Physical education department had organised inter house Basketball and throw ball competition for boys and girls on 19 February 2022. The Principal Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya K M inaugurated the match. The event was organised following Covid-19 protocol and the players were enthusiastic to get the spirit of a match after months of distance learning. Emerald house emerged as champions in Basketball and throw ball match. Diamond and Sapphire houses were the runners up. The prize distribution ceremony was hosted by the Chairman Mr. Habib Mundol and the Principal.






















Scholars Spell Bee Club inauguration 2021-22


The inaugural ceremony of the Scholars Spell Bee Club was conducted on Thursday 17th February 2022. Haya Reji (6B) was the host for the ceremony. The programme commenced with the welcome address by Grace Thankam Jean (6A). Dignitaries such as our Principal Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya, Vice-principal Mr. Thaju K H, Supervisors Mrs. Sindhu and Ms. Preetha and Finance Manager Mrs. Syamala Prasad graced the occasion. Principal officially inaugurated the club and inspired the children with his words of wisdom. He talked about the importance of expanding one’s vocabulary as well as learning the proper pronunciation and etymology. A video of an international spell bee competition was played to inspire the children as well as to give them an idea of the competitive world of Spell Bee. It was followed by a very informative presentation by Miss. Nazifa Tasnia (8B) on recently added words in the English dictionary. Miss. Sree Lakshmi Manoj (7A) entertained everybody with a fun presentation on the longest words in the English dictionary. Master. Soorya Dev (8D) presented the commonly mispronounced words in English language. All the presentations helped the children to enhance their vocabulary. In the end, Riza Thaju (7B) offered the vote of thanks to everyone. She thanked all the invited guests and members of Spell Bee Club.




















Prize Day (e-Youth Festival 2021-22) for Kindergarten and Grade 9 to 12


The prize day of Scholars e-Youth Festival 202-22 was held on 16 & 17 February 2022 for grades 9 to 12 and Kindergarten. The winners of various offline and online events organised as the part of the e-Youth Festival received their certificates and trophies from the Principal Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya, Vice Principal Mr. Thaju Hameed, Supervisors Mr. Prasad T P and Mrs. Sindu P K.





















Annual Quiz Contest 2021-22


The Annual Quiz Competition organised by the Scholars Quiz Club was conducted in the school auditorium on 10 th February 2022. The Quiz Master Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya KM, Principal, captivated the participants by his astounding knowledge in current affairs and general facts. The selected members of the club were divided into five teams and each team faced 5 creative rounds of questions. Team C comprised of Abhinav Karipadath Dileep (8C), Mohammed Umair Abdul Raouf Dadwad (6D) and Abin Biji (5C) emerged as winners with their unique performance.




















Speaker’s Club 2021-22


The department of English conducted the final round of Speaker's Club on 3 & 4 February 2022. The initiative was launched to improve the confidence, efficiency, language skill of our students in public speaking. The event was conducted online through Microsoft teams. The winners will be members of the club where they will be rigorously trained to overcome their flaws.


Spell Bee Contest 2021-22


The department of English conducted the final round of Spell Bee Contest for students of grade 1 to 8 on 19 & 20 January 2022. The event was conducted online through Microsoft teams. The winners are part of the newly formed Spell Bee Club where they will be trained to improve their vocabulary and pronunciation.


e-Youth Festival 2021-22


School conduced on-stage e-Youth Festival for the classes 1 to 12 on 28 & 29 January 2022. The events are adjudged by prominent judges. Parents were also allowed to witness the events happening in different MS Teams rooms. The list of winners were announced soon after the events. Over all house winners after the e-Youth Festival is as follows: DIAMOND HOUSE (FIRST PLACE), EMERALD HOUSE (SECOND PLACE), RUBY (THIRD PLACE) & SAPPHIRE (FOURTH PLACE).


















Indian Republic Day Celebrations 2022


Scholars celebrated Indian Republic Day on 26 th January 2022 in the school premises accommodating both offline and online students through live streaming. The events included programmes that reflected the details of republic day and heritage of India.

































ASSET Examination 2021-22


ASSET (Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing) Examination for the year 2021-22 was conducted on January 24, 25 & 26 for the classes of 3, 5, 7 & 9. The mode of examination was blended and the students were tested on their competence on English, Mathematics and Science.

















Souhruda Sandya 2021-22


Malayalam department of Scholars Indian School celebrated Souhruda Sandya on 9 th December 2021 that depicts the culture and heritage of Kerala and the great learning on the language for the new generation. The programme was inaugurated by Mr. Anoop Chandran (Poet, actor, literary award winner).































UAE National Day Celebrations 2021-22


A special assembly was conducted on 5 th December, 2021 that had all elements to celebrate the UAE National day. The programmes included dance forms of the UAE, speech on the history and formation of the union. There were programmes to commemorate the accession of the great leaders of the country.

















‘Magnum Opus’ – Scholars Exhibition 2021-22


On account of the UAE National Day celebration, the school conducted a chart and model exhibition "Magnum Opus" that accentuated the emergence of the UAE as a powerful country. The theme was woven around the development of the UAE in different arenas. The exhibition also included digital delights and sports challenges that really enthused both students and visitors.

































International Children's Day Celebrations 2021-22


International Children's Day was celebrated on 21 th November 2021 pompously with students and teachers dressed in blue outfits. The students of all classes participated in a procession which etched in them the feeling of solidarity and care. The procession was followed by the stage programmes by students and teachers. Live streaming gave the online students to be a part of the great event.

































Youth Festival for Grade 1 to 5 (on stage) 2021-22


Onstage events of Scholars Youth Festival for grades 1 to 5 was conducted on 13 th November 2021. Participants presented themselves on the campus and showcased their talents after a thorough preparation.

















ACER Examination (Arabic) 2021-22


The offline ACER examination (Arabic) was conducted on 8 th November, 2021 as offline examination. Students who registered appeared for the examination following the Covid-19 protocol.





















Counselling Session for Grade X & XII students


Students of grade 10 and 12 who are getting prepared for CBSE board exams were buttressed with confidence and tips to handle anxiety through an interesting and insightful session on 6 th November 2021 by Dr. Anas Nilambur (Principal, The Oxford School, Calicut). The session also threw light on career choices and the courses to pursue.

















UAE Flag Day 2021


Scholars Indian School grandiosely observed the UAE Flag Day. The students who were on campus made a colourful procession highlighting the culture and ethnicity of the UAE. The vivid and colourful programmes by students held after procession marked the love and respect towards the foster mother UAE.


















Investiture ceremony 2021-22


Leaders become great, not because of their power but because of their ability to empower others. The Parliamentary leaders of Scholars Indian School took an oath on 28 th October, 2022 to empower and guide their schoolmates and to take the school to dazzling heights. The event which was held onsite was graced by Mr. Nader Moosa Abdulla Al Mandoos (Acing Head of Educational Control Department, RAK- Zone), Principal, Vice Principal and other stake holders. The provision of live streaming got entire Scholars family to partake in the event.


































Graduation Ceremony


Scholars adorned the students of grade XII of academic year 2020-2021 on July 5, 2021 by conferring them the title of graduation for their commitment and steadfast completion of Senior Secondary Course. The ceremony was inaugurated by Mr. K Unnikrishnan (Principal of Benchmarks International School, Manjeri) online followed by the address from Principal, Vice Principal, teachers and student representatives.

















Scholars Coding Club


Scholars has heart warningly welcomed its students to Scholars Coding Club on July 6, 2021 through an engrossing inauguration by school chairman, Mr. Habibur Rahman Mundol. The pompous inauguration included the keynote address, Mr. Deepak K C (Head Innovation Learning, GCC), Principal, Vice Principal and the faculty of IT Department.





















Inauguration of Reading Club : The Book Bee


Scholars book bees initiated a new club for enhancing the skill of reading thus adding a club to the existing one. The club was inaugurated on 03 July 2021 by the vice chairman Mr. Tansen Mundol followed by the address of Chairman Mr. Habibur Rahman Mundol, Principal Mr.Hameed Ali Yahya K M and Vice Principal Mr. Thaju K H. The club aims at encouraging the students to embark on a life of reading books.

















International Yoga Day Celebration


School celebrated International yoga Day on June 20, 2021 through a special session on Yoga by the Physical Education department head Mr. Siraj for students and teachers. The session demonstrated a variety of Yoga postures that will help each individual to master the art of breathing and a healthy life style.



















Special Orientation Programme


An orientation programme for students of grade 9 to 12 was conducted by the Principal, Mr. Hameed Ali Yahiya K M, Scholars Indian School, on June 06 & 07, 2021. The programme highlighted the necessity of students to adopt growth mindset and to prepare for higher academic credits.

















World Environment Day Celebration


School celebrated World Environment Day on June 06, 2021, through different activities like special assembly for all grades in different assembly groups in Microsoft teams. The activities included creating posters, videos, quizzes, and talks on different ways to protect the environment.



















Awareness on ‘Different types of bullying’


A video on different types of bullying suggested by MoE was shown to the students of grade 1 to 8 by Mrs. Nirmala Nair (Counsellor) on June 02 & 03, 2021. The brief talk after the presentation included how to stop bullying and to respond in case, if the student is a victim.



















Let’s have a Riveting Summer Break


To enlighten the students on how to spend their summer holidays wisely thus helping them to rejuvenate and relax, a session called ‘Let’s have a riveting summer break’ was conducted on 01 July 2021 by Mrs. Sindu P K (Head of Evaluation/Supervisor/Faculty of Mathematics Department). The session highlighted the importance of proper planning before the vacation in order to make the days insightful and eventful.



















Scholars Virtual World of Books & Knowledge


The digital library of the school was initiated on 29 April 2021. The sole objective of this Digital Library is to hand help the students to the world of books and reading. Students submit the summaries of the books they read to the librarian, this influences more cohort into the circle of reading.



















Party Time


To mark the successful end of the academic year 2020 – 2021 and to express the gesture of gratitude to the teachers and the fellow students, an online party was thrown by each class on 29 March 2021. The students found that space to share their experiences of one year and showcased their talents and passion along with some fun games, thus making the moments memorable which they could cherish for years.



















Space Exploration Programme


The growing demand on updating about the unknown and mysterious “world of space“ was satiated by Igniting Dreams of Young Minds Foundation who has contributed a lot to the world of space and wanted the younger generation to create remarkable developments in this arena . The session was conducted on 24 January 2021, for students of grade 6 to 12, which triggered the urge in the students to explore more on the subject.

















World Heart Day 2020


World heart day celebration on 29 September 2020, witnessed an online session by erstwhile student of the school, Mr. Mohamed Shadhab, who is into medical profession. Students were shared a wonderful piece of advice by the speaker on how they could themselves keep their hearts healthy and safe and how to help others to do so.



















Cyber Safety Awareness Programme


Stepping into online education has intimidated and created anxiety in many students on how to keep themselves safe while handling the online classes and other online medias. The session which was conducted for the students on 19 & 27 September 2020 by Mrs. Nirmala Nair, Counsellor of Scholars Indian School, threw light on how a student has to have a discipline while engaging in online studies or other activities and how to handle it safely and wisely.

















India book of records


Shreyas Arunkumar of grade 3, Anant Parmar of grade 3 and Eva Emma Jerin of Senior KG could place themselves in the prestigious India Book of Records by being the recipients of this proud award which brought glory to the nation and the school. These students demonstrated their uncanny skills which was attained through consistent and strenuous practice. These awards were an inspiration for other students on exploring their potentials and to go beyond the horizon.
















Scholars Students’ Parliament Election 2020-21


Leaders become great, not because of their power but because of their ability to empower others. Elections held in school is undoubtedly the foundation for children of today to have a sound cognizance of a democratic set up and the ideals on the basis of which a democratic country marches ahead to meet its end. Scholars disseminated this idea by organizing a deliberated process of Election for the nomination of conscientious and oriented students who yearned to be the vanguards of transformation in all arenas of school life. To begin with students presented themselves as contenders associating themselves with a particular portfolio and campaigned with their symbols, ensuring a positive outcome if voted to power. Videos of the contenders were repeatedly shown online during the campaigning phase, with the sole intention to reach out to the voters and coax them to cast their priceless vote to the desired nominee. The virtual election was masterfully carried out online on 18 th June 2020, with student voters opting for the contestants of their choice by simply clicking on the given symbol. The declaration of the results of the contenders securing the maximum number of votes was proclaimed on the very same day. Both the campaign and the virtual election was a prototype of the election system happening in countries worldwide.
































Empowering students during pandemic


Leaders become great, not because of their power but because of their ability to empower others. A session by Dr. Prof. Sona Kaushal Gupta on 11 th June 2020, listed worthwhile tips for the students to keep themselves emotionally, physically, socially and mentally balanced. The enriching session had a longer impact on students.



































A motivational speech by Dr. T.P Sasikumar


Leaders become great, not because of their power but because of their ability to empower others. Dr. T.P Sasikumar, a renowned academician gave an insightful session on 9 th June 2020 to the students of higher grades of the school. The magical words from the enterprising personality mesmerized students and brought in a strong idea of self-belief in students. The session accentuated the idea that each student has infinite potentials and are solely responsible for their success and failure.