Asianet - Proud to be an Indian Contest 2023-24

Asianet News channel's prestigious Proud To Be Indian (PTBI) program offers a unique opportunity for Non-Resident Indian (NRI) children in the UAE to deepen their connection with their homeland, making it a highly coveted initiative among the Indian diaspora. Scholars Indian School actively participated in this program, with over 100 students trained and 31 pairs of children attending the selection round at De MontFort University in Dubai on January 13th, organized by Asianet News channel. Among 2000 students from across the UAE, our students, Joella Sarah (8-A) and Shreya Tiwari (9-B), emerged victorious in the PROUD TO BE INDIAN quiz contest, earning them a spot in the 75th Republic Day parade.

The selected children embarked on a 10-day journey with PTBI, designed to help them explore their identity, country, rich traditions, culture, history, and diversity. The itinerary included visits to landmark places and institutions across India, along with meetings with esteemed figures such as the President and Vice President. From the historical landmarks of Delhi to the tranquil landscapes of Dharamshala, the PTBI journey left an indelible mark on the children, culminating in the unforgettable experience of witnessing the magnificent Republic Day parade in New Delhi, India. This remarkable achievement stands as a testament to the dedicated efforts of the Department of Social Science at Scholars Indian Private School.

The selected children embarked on a 10-day journey with PTBI, designed to help them explore their identity, country, rich traditions, culture, history, and diversity. The itinerary included visits to landmark places and institutions across India, along with meetings with esteemed figures such as the President and Vice President. From the historical landmarks of Delhi to the tranquil landscapes of Dharamshala, the PTBI journey left an indelible mark on the children, culminating in the unforgettable experience of witnessing the magnificent Republic Day parade in New Delhi, India. This remarkable achievement stands as a testament to the dedicated efforts of the Department of Social Science at Scholars Indian Private School.


Career Guidance Programme for Grade 9&11 students (2023-24)


 A comprehensive career guidance session was organized for Grade IX and XI students on 19-01-2023, aimed at assisting them in identifying a suitable career path through a holistic approach. The session was led by representatives from the University of Bolton and Northwood University, RAK. They provided insights into a range of courses including Accounting, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Business Management, Law, Psychology, and Computing. Details regarding admission procedures, scholarship eligibility, and fee structures were also shared with the students.


ASSET & CAT4 Examination 2023-24


 Scholars Indian Private School recently undertook benchmark assessments to evaluate student progress in mastering grade-based learning objectives. These assessments, namely the Asset exam and Cat4 exam, were administered to gauge students' reasoning skills across various batteries, aiming to assess their proficiency in the four main types of abilities crucial for learning. The Cat4 exam was administered to students in grades 3, 5, 7, and 9 during the month of November, while the Asset exam was conducted for students across grades 3 to 9 in the month of January. The outcomes of these assessments provide valuable insights to educators, enabling them to identify individual student strengths and weaknesses. Armed with this information, teachers can tailor future lesson plans to effectively address any learning gaps or deficits identified among their students.


Career Guidance Programme for Grade 9&11 students (2023-24)


A comprehensive career guidance session was organized for Grade IX and XI students on 19-01-2023, aimed at assisting them in identifying a suitable career path through a holistic approach. The session was led by representatives from the University of Bolton and Northwood University, RAK. They provided insights into a range of courses including Accounting, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Business Management, Law, Psychology, and Computing. Details regarding admission procedures, scholarship eligibility, and fee structures were also shared with the students.


Republic Day celebrations 2024


Scholars Indian Private School is dedicated to instilling in our students a deep appreciation for the rich tapestry of Indian culture and heritage. As part of our commitment to promoting cultural diversity and fostering a sense of national pride, we proudly celebrated our 75th Republic Day on January 26, 2024, within the school premises. Led by our esteemed Principal, Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya K.M, the day was marked with reverence and enthusiasm as we honored the values that define our nation.


In addition to commemorating the historic occasion of India's Republic Day, the event served as a platform for our students to engage with and understand the diverse cultural heritage of our country. Through various activities and programs, we aimed to not only celebrate India's unity in diversity but also to impart a deeper understanding of our cultural roots and shared identity. The celebration of our 75th Republic Day served as a poignant reminder of the values of unity, integrity, and diversity that bind us as a nation. Through the collective efforts of our students, faculty, and administration, we reaffirmed our commitment to nurturing future generations who are not only proud of their Indian heritage but also equipped with the knowledge and understanding to contribute positively to our diverse society.



Scholars Beats Music Reality Show-Grand Finale 2023-24


The second season of the esteemed Scholars Beats Music Reality Show commenced on February 2, 2024, at 3:00 PM, enveloped in an aura of tranquility as Duaa bint Saneej delivered a serene Quranic recitation, setting a contemplative tone for the evening's proceedings. Following this, Ms. Preetha M, the Vice Principal, extended a warm welcome, expressing her heartfelt excitement and gratitude for the presence of all attendees. The pinnacle of the event unfolded with the presidential address delivered by Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya, the institution's Principal, whose profound words resonated deeply with the audience, underscoring the paramount importance of music in education and personal development. Subsequently, Mr. Tansen Habib, the Vice Chairman, graced the stage to laud the participants and commend their unwavering dedication and hard work, infusing the atmosphere with encouragement and motivation.


The competition featured a stellar lineup of ten talented students, evenly distributed across the junior and senior categories, each showcasing their distinct musical prowess and styles in captivating performances. Following meticulous deliberation, the winners were unveiled. In the junior category, Inaara Fathima emerged as the title holder, enthralling the audience with her melodious performance, while in the senior category; Harmeet Sidhu claimed the prestigious title, mesmerizing everyone with his soulful rendition.


Graduation Ceremony – Grade 12 (2023-24)


On the illustrious evening of February 5, 2024, Scholars Indian Private School unfurled the tapestry of an unforgettable Grade XII Graduation Ceremony within the opulent confines of its main hall. This momentous gathering served as the crowning jewel, the culmination of a journey marked by unwavering dedication, perseverance, and scholarly triumph for our esteemed 60 graduands.

The atmosphere crackled with excitement as distinguished guests, proud parents, esteemed faculty, and notable dignitaries adorned the evening with their esteemed presence. Among the luminaries illuminating the occasion were the guest of honour Mr. Sandeep Vashisht, Principal of Modern Indian School in Dibba, Principal Mr. Hameed Ali Yayha, Vice Chairman Mr. Tansen Habib Mundol, and Vice Principal Ms. Preetha, each casting a reverential aura over the proceedings, infusing the event with prestige and significance. The evening unfolded as a symphony of poignant orations, with dignitaries weaving threads of wisdom and inspiration, bestowing upon the graduands pearls of guidance as they embarked upon the precipice of their futures.



Fire & Safety Awareness training session 2023-24



Graduation Ceremony – Kindergarten (2023-24)


On February 16, 2024, Scholars Indian Private School hosted a "Graduation Day Ceremony" for Kindergarten students. Led by the Kindergarten Department, the event aimed to celebrate the culmination of their preschool years and the beginning of new experiences. The procession, led by esteemed dignitaries including the Principal, Vice Chairman, Vice Principal, Chief Guest Ms. Nicole Susan Wiley, and Kindergarten teachers, marked the commencement. Principal Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya and Chief Guest Ms. Nicole Susan Wiley commended the little graduates' achievements and congratulated the teachers for their dedication. The event featured various performances by the students, including songs and cultural dances, which were well-received. The highlight was the Convocation Ceremony where KG2 students, adorned in graduation robes and caps, received their certificates from the Principal. The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks from Mrs. Abidha Gafoor, Team Leader of the Kindergarten Department. It was a joyous and memorable occasion for the students, parents, and mentors alike, marking an important milestone in the children's educational journey.


American Mathematics Olympiad 2023-24 (Gold & Bronze Winners)





The school is delighted to share with you that Master. NIMIT JALAN of grade 5D is the GOLD MEDALIST and Miss. Nivedhya Ranjith (Gr. 2B), Master. Varnit Mall (Gr. 2C) and Miss. Shreeparvathi Nair (Gr.7B) have bagged BRONZE MEDALS in the AMERICAN MATHEMATICS OLYMPIAD conducted during the academic year 2023-2024.





































  Scouts & Guides Winter Camp 2023-24


Scholars Scout and Guide One Day Winter Camp unfolded as a successful and memorable event, held within the school campus on 30 December 2023. The day commenced with an energetic and disciplined March Past by the school scouts and guides unit creating an atmosphere of unity and enthusiasm. Following the march past, a formal salute was received by honourable Principal, Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya K M, Vice Principal, Ms. Preetha M, and PTC President, Mr. Kamruzaman, symbolizing respect and adherence to the principles of scouting and guiding. Clad in their Scout and Guide uniforms, the troop showcased precision and teamwork as they paraded through the school campus. The march past set the tone for a day filled with engaging activities and learning experiences. The troop enthusiastically assembled for a flag hoisting ceremony, symbolizing the inauguration of the camp. Various engaging activities conducted in four sessions, including first aid workshops, community programme, creativity session and treasure hunt, fostering essential life skills and teamwork and showcasing their talents and strengthening the bonds within the Scout and Guide community. The camp concluded with a closing ceremony, during which participants were recognized for their active participation and achievements throughout the day, leaving everyone with cherished memories of a fulfilling winter camp experience.



























Math Still & Working Model Competition 2023-24



Scholars Indian School's Mathematics Department recently conducted a dynamic Working Model and Still Model competition, designed to ignite students' passion for mathematics. This innovative initiative provided a creative platform for students to demonstrate their mathematical skills and comprehension through engaging projects. For the Still Model competition, models were required to be submitted by December 5th, 2023. Participants had the freedom to prepare their models at home, focusing on any mathematics concept of their choice. The criteria emphasized creativity, allowing students to choose any principle and encouraging parents to support their children in exploring inventive ways to visually represent mathematical ideas. This competition was specifically organized for students in grades 1 to 5. In contrast, the Working Model competition was tailored for students in grades 6 to 9 and 11, involving the practical application of mathematical principles. Each participating group, comprising at least one group from every class, was expected to submit their names to their respective math teachers. Students were given the freedom to select the principles they wanted to explore. The response from students was overwhelming, with a large number actively participating in both competitions. Certificates were awarded to the winners, recognizing their outstanding contributions and fostering a sense of achievement among the participants.



























Arabic Language Day celebrations 2023



The Arabic department at Scholars India School took proactive measures to kindle a heightened interest in the Arabic language, organizing a range of programs both within and beyond classrooms. These initiatives, held in November, included the Arabic Memory Test, Word Game, Arabic Reading Contest, and Arabic Calligraphy Competition, engaging students from grades 1 to 12 across three categories. The department continued its efforts by orchestrating an Arabic Day Celebration Assembly on December 5, 2023, in alignment with World Arabic Language Day. During this event, the school Principal Mr. Hameed Ali Yayha K M unveiled the Arabic magazine, featuring diverse programs such as speeches, songs, and dances performed by students. Rose Mariya Dixon (8A) was notably recognized for her innovative contributions to the Arabic language. This collective effort not only highlighted the linguistic prowess of the students but also emphasized the importance of Arabic language and culture within the school community.



























UAE National Day 2023



Scholars Indian Private School celebrated the UAE National Day as a vibrant and culturally rich event, thereby showcasing their solidarity towards the host country. In anticipation of the festivities, the campus was adorned with colorful decorations. The students actively participated in various engaging activities, demonstrating their enthusiasm for the occasion. The day commenced with a whole school parade, where students proudly carried UAE flags, and the youngest ones from KG donned costumes in the colors of the UAE flag. Adding to the spectacle was the exhibition titled "Magnum Opus" - a Chart & Projects Exhibition held on the entire tennis court. Under the guidance of their dynamic House master, students from different houses put together impressive exhibits. The exhibition was a visual journey depicting the transformation of the UAE from its glorious past to an innovative future. The tennis court, aglow with creativity, showcased the collective efforts of the students. Of particular note was the spectacular display of knowledge about UAE geography, language, and heritage. Attendees were captivated by the comprehensive understanding displayed by the students, highlighting the sense of belongingness that everyone feels in this wonderful country. The celebration truly brought the school community together, fostering a deeper connection with the UAE and creating lasting memories of a day filled with pride and appreciation for the nation's history and achievements.



























Annual Sports Meet 2023-24



Scholars Annual Sports Day was held on 28 November, 2023 in the school campus. The day was kicked off with an impressive March Past, showcasing the disciplined and synchronized efforts of students from various houses. Following the march past, a formal salute was received by Our beloved Principal, Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya, symbolizing respect and sportsmanship. The event began with the hoisting of the school flag and the playing of the national anthem, instilling a sense of patriotism and school pride. A ceremonial torch lighting ceremony followed, symbolizing the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play. Our Principal then officially declared the sports day open, encouraging students to participate wholeheartedly. Our Vice Principal, Ms. Preetha delivered an inspiring inaugural address, emphasizing the significance of sports in holistic education. The atmosphere was charged with excitement, setting the stage for a day of healthy competition among the four houses, camaraderie, and celebration of sports. The Sports Day Mass Drill by Scholars scouts and guides members was a spectacular display of precision, coordination, and teamwork, showcasing the spirit of unity and discipline among participants which attracted a large audience, adding to the excitement of the day. The sports day events like Hit the target, Obstacle race and 25m running race held for kiddies & sub-junior category; broad jump, medicine ball throw, shot put and discus throw for the juniors and seniors accordingly. The annual sports day not only promotes physical well-being but also fosters a sense of community and belonging, essential elements in the holistic development of our students.



























Bullying Prevention Week 2023-224



Scholars Indian Private School observed The National Bullying Prevention Week from 14 th to 20 th November, 2023, with great enthusiasm and support from the student, staff and parent communities alike. The National Bullying Prevention Week activities promote educational concepts that have a significant impact in our community and highlight our common values and the societal and institutional efforts to eliminate bullying. Scholars, there for, has joined hands with all its stakeholders to handle the issue of bullying very seriously. The National Bullying Awareness Week was observed with the whole school coming together as anti-bullying warriors to safeguard each of its members from the evils of bullying. Phase wise anti-bullying activities were carried out during the week. All the activities was in adherenance with the guide for professionals provided by MOE.



























Children’s’ Day Celebrations 2023-24



Universal Children's Day is celebrated annually on November 20th to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children's welfare. The day also marks the anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) in 1989. Scholars Indian Private School celebrated the day with great pomp and show. The day reflects on the progress made in ensuring the rights and well-being of children globally. It serves as a reminder of the collective responsibility to create a world where every child can thrive and reach their full potential. Continued efforts, awareness, and advocacy are crucial to addressing the challenges faced by children and building a better future for the generations to come.



























IAS Examination 2023-24



The IAS Junior Online Exam took place on November 21, 2023, in the school's computer lab, providing a tech-savvy setting for 33 out of 36 participating students. Aimed at evaluating the knowledge and aptitude of aspiring junior-level candidates for the Indian Administrative Service, the exam featured a user-friendly online platform. A dedicated technical support team ensured a smooth process, addressing login and connectivity issues. Stringent security measures, including unique identification codes, were implemented to maintain exam integrity. The top three school-level performers will receive prestigious medals, while all participants will be awarded participation certificates. Overall, the IAS Junior Online Exam was a successful and secure assessment in a technologically enriched environment.



























Youth Festival 2023-24 (GR. 1-12 ON-STAGE)



The Scholars Youth Festival, aptly named "Momentum," showcased its onstage items on the 13th and 14th of November 2023. The credit for the festival's engaging and meaningful title goes to the visionary leadership of the school's chairman, Mr. Habib Rahman Mundol. His insightful suggestion not only provided the event with a fitting name but also captured the essence of the festival – the quality to move forward in life. Under the banner of Momentum, the festival showcased a diverse array of competitions, including both individual and group performances. The group items, which added a dynamic and collaborative dimension to the event, were met with enthusiasm from the participants and audience alike. Here are some of the exciting group performances that took center stage: Thiruvathira, Oppana, Margamkalli, Bhangra, Duff Muttu and etc. These group items not only highlighted the talent and cultural diversity within the school but also provided a platform for participants to collaborate, express themselves, and celebrate their shared passions. House-wise competition format added an extra layer of excitement, fostering enthusiastic participation from both students and teachers. The entire school campus buzzed with an atmosphere of healthy competition, creating an immersive experience for everyone involved. Parents, students, and the audience at large were not only witnesses to the competition but active participants in the celebration of talent and spirit. The diverse competitions held on different stages showcased the creativity and skills of the participants, making it a memorable and culturally rich youth festival.



























Visit to Sharjah International Book Fair 2023-24



The department of English took the initiative to take the students to the latest edition of Sharjah Book fair on Tuesday 7 Nov 2023. The students received a chance to witness a wide range of publishers and various genres of books. The students also participated in various activities meant for students and got a glimpse of Astronaut Sunita Williams. The visit also helped to upgrade our school library with the latest edition of books for all categories.




Logo Competition – Youth Festival & Sports Meet 2023-24



On Monday, November 6th, 2023, the logo competition for the Youth Festival and Sports Day took place in the school auditorium. Participants were tasked with creating a logo that captured the essence and message of the Youth Festival, while incorporating the motto "Faster, Higher, Stronger" for the Annual Sports event. The winning logos were set to become the official symbols of the Youth Festival and Sports Day, to be prominently featured on this year's certificates. The event drew enthusiastic participation from students who eagerly showcased their creativity and talent. Among the standout designs, Rose Mariya from 8A emerged as the proud winner of the Youth Festival logo competition, while Mohammed Junaid of grade 6 clinched victory in the Sports Day logo competition. These winning designs were imprinted on official materials, adding a special touch to the certificates distributed during the events. The active engagement of students not only highlights their artistic abilities but also underscores the vibrant spirit and community involvement fostered by such competitions.



























American Olympiad Examination (Mathematics) 2023-24



The American Mathematics Olympiad (AMO) is a highly esteemed mathematical competition that seeks to identify and celebrate the exceptional mathematical talents of students from grade 2 to 12. Established with the goal of fostering a deep appreciation for mathematics and encouraging the pursuit of advanced mathematical knowledge, the AMO is a key component of the broader series of American Mathematics Competitions (AMC). The AMO is renowned for its rigorous and proof-based format, challenging participants to demonstrate not only a mastery of mathematical concepts but also a keen ability to construct logical and rigorous mathematical arguments. The competition is designed to push the boundaries of problem-solving skills and creativity, requiring participants to engage in in-depth mathematical reasoning. Participation in the AMO is a mark of distinction and accomplishment, as it signifies not only a high level of mathematical aptitude but also a commitment to the pursuit of excellence in the field. Successful participants are often recognized with certificates, medals, and invitations to further mathematical programs and competitions. The AMO community provides a platform for like-minded students to connect, collaborate, and share their passion for mathematics. It inspires students to delve into advanced mathematical topics, pursue higher education in mathematics and related fields, and become future leaders and innovators in the world of mathematics.



























UAE Flag Day 2023



At Scholars Indian Private School – RAK celebration of the UAE Flag Day, learners and staff attended a special assembly that was planned by team leaders and UAE. department. Whole school Assembly was presented by the students. of grade 8A. Followed by speech by the Principal Hamid Ali yaya on significance of Flag Day. Our Flag Day celebration was a tremendous success. The students and staff were all dressed in their best flag colors and patriotic wear. All the student holding the flag in hand, waving it across the school campus. The children learned that it was designed by a young Emirati, Abdullah Mohammad Al Maainah. They linked the red vertical that represents hardiness, bravery, strength and courage to being principled. The green that represents hope, joy, optimism and love was linked to caring. The white that represents peace and honesty was linked to being open-minded, and the black band representing strength of mind was linked to being knowledgeable and balanced. On a school wide basis, the students of both the Primary and Secondary, the SLT and staff of Scholars marked the occasion through a flag hoisting ceremony accompanied by the parade, Drum. Phase 2&3 students expressed their love and loyalty with a memorable, I love UAE formation and drill, Followed by variety of programme by KiG students and secondary girls, as a response to the call of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, at 11:00 am sharp.



























Kerala Piravi Day – Quiz Competition 2023-24



Under the dynamic leadership of the Malayalam department at Scholars Indian Private School, a captivating quiz competition unfolded on November 1, 2023, commemorating Kerala Piravi. The esteemed chairman, Mr. Habib Mundol, graced the occasion with his inspiring speech, setting the tone for an intellectually stimulating event. Steering the competition with finesse, Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya, the Principal, assumed the role of the quiz master, infusing both information and entertainment. The journey commenced with the individual selection round on October 30, 2023, paving the way for the climactic group final round on November 1, 2023. The questions, meticulously crafted, delved into the rich tapestry of Kerala's history, culture, and arts, providing a platform for the participants to showcase their knowledge and intellect. Five spirited teams, named after iconic rivers – Kabani, Pamba, Nila, Bhavani, and Kaveri, vied for supremacy. In a battle of wits and knowledge, Team Kabani emerged triumphant, securing the coveted 1st position, closely followed by Pamba in 2nd place, and Nila securing the honorable 3rd position. The event not only celebrated the essence of Kerala Piravi but also fostered a spirit of camaraderie and a love for learning among the students.



























Youth Festival 2023-24 (Kindergarten)



The Scholars Youth Festival for the Kindergarten section took place from 30 th October to 3 rd November 2023. Scholars aim to unravel the inborn talents of students’ right from the early stages of their education. The kindergarten section featured a variety of engaging events, including memory contests, coloring activities, storytelling sessions, and fancy dress competition for the students to participate in. Open to all students, the festival provided an opportunity for each child to showcase and exhibit their unique talents. The active involvement of the tiny tots, coupled with the support of their parents, elevated the events to great heights. This collaborative effort between students, parents and teachers likely added a special and memorable dimension to the Scholars Youth Festival, fostering a positive and supportive educational environment for the kindergarten section.



























World Senior Citizens’ Day celebrations 2023-2024



“Grandparents are a bridge of love from past to present and into the future’’. Grandparents are important to children, they have patience and time when parents are often busy. On 2nd October 2023, Scholars Indian Private School had organized “WORLD SENIOR CITIZENS’ DAY” The objective of this event was to honour and celebrate the invaluable role that grandparents play in the lives of their grandchildren. This event was organized by the Kindergarten Department, The Grandparents where welcomed by the little tots with a token of flowers and a bookmark to express love and respect towards the Grandparents, An enthusiastic participation for Ramp walk, Singing, Welcome song, Welcome Dance, Solo Dance and a Skit play was done by our little tots for the beloved Grandparents, As Scholars Indian Private School has always come up with innovative ways of inculcating values in the children. The event provided Grandparents with an opportunity to spend quality time with their grandchildren. They also captured the memories of the splendid day at the photo booth. Grandparents appreciated the efforts put in by the teachers and their grandchildren and left proudly carrying memories of a life-time in their hearts!!!



























Spell Bee Competition 2023-2024



The Spell Bee Final Competition held at Scholars Indian Private School on 26 th September, 2023 marked the climax of a series of rigorous and competitive spelling contests conducted throughout the first half of the academic year. This event brought together our school's top spellers from various grade levels to compete for the coveted title of "Spell Bee Champion" of various categories. The competition aimed to celebrate linguistic excellence, encourage a love for language and showcase the remarkable spelling talents of our students. The Spell Bee Final Competition comprised several challenging rounds designed to test the participants' spelling and vocabulary knowledge. The competition was an outstanding success, serving as a testament to the dedication and hard work of our students. It reinforced the importance of language proficiency and vocabulary enrichment in their academic journeys.



























Islamic Week celebrations – September 25 to 29, 2023



We are pleased to present a concise report on the Islamic Week organized by the Islamic Department of Scholars Indian Private School, RAK UAE, from 25th to 29th September 2023. The purpose of the Islamic Week was to shed light on the beauty of Islam and educate both believers and non-believers. The week included an Intra-school fest, informative sessions on the significance of Ka’ba, and the release of an Islamic magazine. The Intra-school fest showcased various activities such as Quran Recitation, Elocution, Calligraphy, Azaan, Nasheed, power point presentations, and quiz competitions. These events were well-executed with enthusiastic participation from students, showcasing their dedication and support. Throughout the week, passionate members of the Islamic club presented enlightening sessions on the significance of Ka’ba, elaborating on the obligatory acts of Hajj and Umrah (Pilgrimage) to guide the students. A significant highlight of the week was the submission of the Islamic Magazine on 29th September. Islamic Club members, Students and teachers poured their creativity, wisdom, knowledge, time, and effort into crafting this magazine, showcasing a culmination of their hard work and dedication. The Islamic Week was a success, achieving its goal of enhancing understanding and appreciation of Islam.



























Mock Spell Bee 2023-24



The Mock Spell Bee Competition held at Scholars Indian Private School on 25 th September,2023 was an exciting and intellectually stimulating event that showcased the talents of our students in the field of spelling and vocabulary. The competition was organized by our principal, who has a clear vision to uplift our children and give them exposure on par with international competitions, to provide a platform for the finalists to demonstrate their language skills and to promote a culture of literacy and learning within our school community. The Mock Spell Bee Competition was divided into several rounds (both written and oral) to challenge the participants at different levels of difficulty. The audience consisting of Spell Bee Club Finalists actively participated in the event. The event was a great success and all participants thoroughly enjoyed the event. The Mock Spell Bee Competition has inspired our students to strive for excellence in language skills and fosters a love for words and learning.



























Visit to Dubai Library – September 17, 2023



The students of Scholars Indian Private School visited Mohammed bin Rashid Library, Dubai as part of their educational visit organized by the Department of English. The aim was to stimulate passion for reading research and creativity. The library set in seven floor provide access to wide variety of books and digital media. The exhibition center have rare books and manuscripts as well as cultural artifacts and art pieces from the Arab world. It was a visual and informative treat for our students



























Annual Quiz Competition 2023-24



The Quiz Club of Scholars Indian Private School, organized a thrilling quiz competition on the 22nd of September 2023 in the school auditorium, hosted by the esteemed Principal, Mr. Hameed Ali Yayha K M. The competition was divided into two categories: Junior and Senior, with enthusiastic participation from the school's four houses – Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire. In the junior category, it was the Emerald house that shone the brightest, emerging as the undisputed winners. Following closely behind were the houses Sapphire and Ruby, who showcased their impressive knowledge and teamwork. Meanwhile, in the senior category, it was the Sapphire house that claimed victory, demonstrating their exceptional intellectual prowess. The Diamond and Emerald houses secured their positions as the first and second runners-up, respectively, in a closely contested battle of wits and knowledge. It was a memorable day filled with excitement, learning, and a celebration of the spirit of the competition



























Hindi Day Celebrations 2023-24



Scholars Indian Private School celebrated Hindi Diwas with great fervor and enthusiasm on September 15, 2023, during a special school assembly. The event was graced by the presence of our esteemed Principal, Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya K M. It was a day dedicated to celebrating the richness of the Hindi language and the vibrant culture it represents. The Hindi Club took the initiative to organize the event, leaving no stone unturned in ensuring a memorable celebration. The day was filled with a plethora of cultural activities that showcased the beauty of the Hindi language and the spirit of India. Adding to the vibrancy of the celebration, students creatively dressed up in attire inspired by Hindi alphabets, embodying the very essence of the language. To pay homage to the great literary heritage of Hindi, students also performed role plays depicting famous Hindi writers and their contributions to literature. The underlying motto of the event was to showcase the rich tapestry of Indian culture and its deep-rooted heritage. It aimed to foster a sense of pride and appreciation for the Hindi language among the students and to emphasize the importance of preserving and promoting our linguistic diversity.



























World Democracy Day 2023-24



Scholars Indian School marked the occasion of the International Day of Democracy, on September 15th 2023, under the theme of "Empowering the next generation." The primary aim of this year's commemoration was to emphasize the pivotal role that young people play in advancing democracy and ensuring their voices are heard in decisions that significantly impact their world. To realize this theme, the school's Social department provided students from grades 6 to 10 with the ideal circumstances to express themselves through the creation of posters. These posters not only reflectedInter-School English Poem Recitation Competition (Cadence 2023) their views but also encapsulated their thoughts on what democracy meant to them. The remarkable artwork and sentiments of the students were then shared with the entire school community, garnering much appreciation. In essence, by nurturing the leadership potential of our students and instilling in them a vision for a better tomorrow, we are not just celebrating democracy but actively contributing to its growth and sustainability.



























Inter-School English Poem Recitation Competition (Cadence 2023)



Miss. ROSE MARIYA DIXUN of Grade 8A and Master. MOHAMMED GHAZZALI of Grade 5C, secured SECOND & THIRD position in the INTER-SCHOOL ENGLISH POEM RECITATION COMPETITION (CADENCE 2023) in the Senior and Junior category organized by Emirates Future International Academy, Abu Dhabi, UAE on September 10, 2023.



























Fruits & Vegetables Day – Kindergarten 2023-24



On 8 th September 2023 Scholars Indian Private School had organized ‘Fruits and Vegetables Day’. The objective of this event was to promote healthy eating habits among the students. This event was organized by the Kindergarten department. Each child brought a fruit and a vegetable which was displayed in a creative way by the staff of Kindergarten. In order to encourage active participation from students they were asked to dress up as any fruit or vegetable. Children had a fun filled experience of selling and buying vegetables and fruits from their peers. They were excited using the weighing scale and pretending to be vegetable and fruit vendors and buyers. The enriching experience gave the students the opportunity to showcase not only their proficiency in handling money but also to display their marketing skills. They created an awareness about the importance and consumption of fruits and vegetables in their lives. Furthermore the concept of money was introduced to the senior KG students. Fruits are an important part of a healthy diet, and variety is also important. In order to develop the habit of eating fruits which is absent in many students, fruit salad was prepared by the concerned class teacher along with her students, they worked so well together, showing their virtue of teamwork and kindness, working beautifully to mix, pour and finally to eat the tasty treat. The fruit salad was also sold to the teachers and the students of higher grades, and the amount received was donated to the charity. Indeed it was a great experience the students enthusiastically and actively participated and learned more about the taste, smell, colour, texture of the fruits and vegetables. It created a positive learning environment which provided the students an amazing experience and they could connect this activity to the real-life experience.



























Teachers Day Celebrations 2023-24



Scholars Indian Private School celebrated Teachers' Day on September 5, 2023 with great enthusiasm and respect, recognizing the vital role educators play in nurturing young minds. The event was a heartfelt tribute to the dedicated teachers who have inspired and guided students on their educational journey. The celebration commenced with a cake-cutting ceremony, symbolizing the sweetness and happiness that teachers bring into the lives of students. The entire atmosphere was filled with joy and warmth as teachers and students gathered together for this special occasion. As part of the Teachers' Day celebration, an essay writing competition was organized for both teachers and students. The theme of the competition was "The Teacher Who Has Influenced Me the Most." Participants poured their hearts into their essays, expressing their deep admiration and gratitude towards their mentors. After careful evaluation, the best essays from both teachers and students were selected for recognition. The winners were awarded trophies and certificates as a token of appreciation during the Teachers' Day celebration on 5th September 2023. The winners had the opportunity to read their essays aloud during the event, leaving the audience, especially the teachers, deeply moved. The senior most teachers of the school were honored for their relentless and dedicated service to the institution. The chairman, Mr. Habib Mundol, and the Principal, Mr. Hameed Ali Yayha, delivered motivating and inspiring speeches for the teachers. They highlighted the pivotal role teachers’ play in shaping the future of students and the importance of their unwavering dedication. Their words resonated with everyone in the audience, emphasizing the significance of this special day. It was a day filled with love, respect, and gratitude towards the teachers who have left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of their students. The event served as a reminder of the profound impact teachers have on society and the importance of acknowledging their contributions.



























Art & Photography Exhibition 2023-24



On 1st September, 2023 Scholars Art club organized an Art and Photography Exhibition. The exhibition was inaugurated by Vice Principal Ms. Preetha M, in the presence of club coordinator, Mr. Sivaprasad P, Master. Vivek Vargheese (Secretary), Miss. Lizbeth Elsa John (President), Miss.Rose Mariya Dixon (Joint Secretary), and Miss. Afreen Shajeer (Vice President). The exhibition was a great success with students from various classes participating in it. The event showcased the creative works of the students in the form of art and photography, ranging from traditional paintings to natural art, and the photography showcased the beauty of creativity. The event was a great success and the students were highly praised for their work. Overall, the exhibition was a great success and provided a unique opportunity for students to explore the world of art and photography.



























Onam and Ethnic Day Celebrations 2023-24



Scholars Indian Private School celebrated Onam Festival on the school’s premises on Friday, 1st September 2023. Children and staff brightened the campus with their colourful ethnic wear in the tradition attire of Kerala. The festival of Onam is dedicated to the King Mahabali who sacrificed himself along with his Kingdome in order to stand true to his words. The celebration started with setting up of an attractive floral decoration (pookalam) competition for grade 1 to grade 12 students. Impressive designs and artistic creativity were the hallmarks of the pookalam, which turned out to be attractive and mesmerizing and took everyone into a world of festivity and fun. The arrival of Mahabali amid the beats of drum was well received by the students. The day was marked by the epic tug of war battles. Ms. Preetha. M, Vice Principal addressed the gathering and conveyed greetings and wishes of the festival. The festivities of Onam and Ethnic Day at Scholars Indian Private School resonated as a triumphant event, nurturing a profound sense of unity and cultural enlightenment within both the student body and the faculty. This celebration vividly underscored the school's unwavering dedication to embracing and rejoicing in the rich, global tapestry of cultures.



























Chairman’s Award 2022-23



"Education is the key to unlocking one's true potential, and the Chairman's Badge Award is a beacon of excellence that lights the path to a brighter future." Every year, Scholars Indian Private School recognizes and celebrates the exceptional academic achievements of its students through the prestigious Chairman's Badge Award. This highly anticipated event took place on June 5, 2023, and was a momentous occasion for both the students and their parents. The ceremony was graced by the presence of the school's Principal, Mr. Hameed Ali Yayha, and the Vice Principal, Ms. Preetha, who bestowed this honor upon the deserving scholars. The Chairman's Badge Award serves as a powerful motivator for students, inspiring them to excel in their academic pursuits. This recognition underscores the importance of hard work, dedication, and perseverance, values that are deeply ingrained in the school's ethos. As students proudly received their badges amidst the gathered audience, it not only acknowledged their relentless efforts but also encouraged them to continue their academic journey with renewed vigor. This annual tradition not only celebrates academic excellence but also fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment among the students and their parents. It serves as a testament to the school's commitment to nurturing young minds and encouraging them to reach their full potential. The Chairman's Badge Award ceremony is a testament to the school's dedication to recognizing and nurturing exceptional talent, ensuring that the next generation of leaders and scholars continue to thrive academically.



























STOGO FEST 2023 (Digital Fest)



Theme: "Student Safety - Online & Offline Safety for a sustainable society" Scholars Indian Private School proudly conducted Digital Fest Season 2 with the title, STOGOFEST 2023.The theme of STOGOFEST is “Students Safety-Online& Offline for a sustainable society”. STOGOFEST-2023 provided a platform for our students to showcase their innovations and solutions that address the challenges and risks associated with digital technologies. This year, students developed innovative Information Technology projects, with an addition of e-safety measures to be followed so as to contribute to the larger goal of ensuring a safer online environment for children.The event was conducted in 4 categories. Introduction speech was given by our Principal, Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya K.M. The event was inaugurated by Dr. Abdullah Al Mehyas, Chairman of Emirates Safer Internet Society, Abu Dhabi. Key note address was given by Mr. Jayesh Sebastian (CMD Tachyon IT Consultancy and Conference, Director - ESafe society). Felicitation was done by Vice Principal, Miss. Preetha M. The competition events were presentations on IT related or E-safety topics, Animation/Documentary/Film on any digital technology/creativity/Emerging digital technology in UAE/ Safe internet browsing/ Secure password management/ Road safety/ Fire safety/ Water safety, Websites/Web/Mobile Apps, Visual coding / Games, E-Safety Leaders, AI/IoT/Robotics and Programming. Judgment was done by the team members of Tachyon IT Consultancy. There was a tight competition and three winners were selected from each category of each competition event.



























Child Protection Awareness for students 2023-2024



Awareness of child protection is crucial for students as it helps create a safe and supportive environment for children, both within schools and in society at large. Child protection sessions were conducted for every student during regular class hours. Students received an introduction to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and were educated on identifying indicators of child abuse, encompassing physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, along with instances of neglect. Students were furnished with explicit guidance on the process of reporting child protection concerns, including the school's designated child protection officer. Overall, raising students' awareness of child protection is a shared responsibility among schools, parents, communities, and society at large. It plays a vital role in ensuring the well-being and safety of all children.




International Yoga Day 2023



International Yoga Day is observed every year on June 21 to raise awareness about this ancient practice and to celebrate the physical and spiritual prowess that yoga has brought to the world. Yoga is a practice which plays an important role in relaxing the mind and body, and boosting people’s immune system. On 21st June 2023, Scholars Indian Private School had celebrated International Yoga Day. It was conducted the by Head of department Mr.Rijin and Students of Physical Education from grade 11 and 12. Warm up exercises were taken and all the students practiced & performed sitting and standing asanas, importance of these students encouraged students to practice regular yoga to remain fit and improve concentration. All Faculties, Staff and children were taught the importance of Yoga in their life & how to maintain the harmony between body and mind. The students discussed the importance of yoga and also exhibited yoga postures and promised to introduce this activity in their daily lives. International Yoga Day celebrations ended with a huge success under the supervision of the Head of the department Mr.Rijin with the help of physical Education teacher Ms. Anamika.



























Date Festival 2023-24



The Scholars Date Fest is a significant event that showcases the remarkable qualities of the date palm. Its primary purpose is to establish a connection between dates and various aspects of human life, presenting a wide range of date varieties in an elegant manner. The Inter House Scholars Date Festival took place on June 2, 2023, in the school auditorium, organized by the UAE Cultural Heritage Club. Students from grades 4 to 12 enthusiastically participated in the event, divided into four categories. The exhibition of dates, symbolizing the seed of life, was a testament to the participants' innovation and creativity.

Environment Day 2023



On account of “The World Environment Day” a Special Assembly was conducted by the students of Grade 7A & &7C. A song was performed by students to emphasis the crucial role of the environment in sustainable development. All students were permitted to be in green outfit on the day to emphasis the need for inspiring positive change in our attitude towards our environment.

A worth out of waste (WOW) exhibition for students of Grade 1 to 12 was also organized to make them aware of the importance of recycling - a process that is an inevitable part of sustainability. Most of our students have also donated saplings to be planted in the school garden demonstrating their commitment to environmental stewardship and our Principal has inaugurated the day by planting one of the sapling donated by the students. WOW exhibition was a grant success as our little enthusiasts have designed various projects out of the waste materials in their surroundings. The exhibition was an opportunity for our scholars to explore and expose the hidden talents and ideas generated in their minds.

ACT Universe - Inter School Impromptu Speech Competition (First Prize)



Scholars notched up the Championship trophy. The students of Scholars Indian Private School evinced their potential in the Inter School Impromptu speech competition organised by the ACT UNIVERSAL, which was held on 28 May 2023 at Ambassador School, Sharjah, UAE.

Career Counselling for Students (Grade 9 to 12)



On May 25, 2023, Scholars Indian School organized a Career Guidance Counseling program for students from grades 9 to 12. The program took place during school hours from 12:00 pm to 2:00pm and was led by Mrs. Rema Menon Vellat, a highly experienced career counselor with over 20 years of expertise in the field. She is the founder and director of Counselling Point Training and Development Center, Dubai. During the session, she shared her insights on various career options available for students in the fields of science and commerce. She discussed the different educational paths and courses that students can pursue based on their interests and strengths. The session led by Mrs. Rema Menon Vellat was highly beneficial, and the students expressed appreciation for the insights and advice provided.

Al Naeem Mall Art Challenge 2023-24



"Drawing is not what one sees but what one can make others see."

On May 6, 2023, the BMCS Consulting-managed Al Naeem Mall hosted the "Naeem Art Challenge- Drawing & Painting Competition”. Scholars eagerly participated in the same. The results were revealed at the Mall's relaunch on May 20, 2023. Scholars Indian Private School is proud of themselves because of winning 8 out of 13 prizes.

Investiture Ceremony 2023-24



The Investiture Ceremony of Scholars Indian School was held on 24th April 2023 with great pomp and enthusiasm. The event was conducted to appoint and honor the new student parliament members and house captains who would take up various leadership roles in the school.

The ceremony was graced by an eminent personality Dr. Steven Ressig, the chief academic zone officer, Executive office, Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone as the chief guest. His presence added a sense of grandeur to the occasion and served as a source of inspiration for the students.

The event commenced with a grand procession led by the school President and Prime minister followed by the council members, house captains, vice captains, guest of the day, principal and vice principal. The guest Dr. Steven Ressig accompanied by the Principal Mr. Hameed Ali Yayha and Vice Principal Ms. Preetha hoisted the flag of the school with reverence, symbolizing the values and aspirations of the institution.

After the flag hoisting, the newly appointed parliament members took an oath, pledging to uphold the values of the school, fulfill their responsibilities with integrity, and serve as role models for their peers. The captains and vice captains of the different houses received their sash and house flag accepting to take charge of the responsibilities shouldered upon them. The newly elected student body signing the official register promised to be responsible for upholding the values of our school. The motivating and inspiring speeches delivered by the chief guest and principal encouraged the newly invested leaders to strive for excellence in their roles.

The ceremony concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks by the newly appointed President of the Scholars parliament. Mohammed Affan Sheik, the president expressed gratitude to the school administration, teachers, parents, and fellow a sense of grandeur to the occasion and served as a source of inspiration for the students.

Felicitation Ceremony 2022-23 (School toppers – CBSE Board Exam Grade X & XII)



The Scholars Indian Private School has organised the Felicitation Ceremony on the 22nd of May 2023 at 7 pm in the school auditorium for the toppers of grade 10 & 12 in the CBSE examination and grade 11 toppers of the previous academic year. The occasion was enriched with the presence of the Chairman Mr. Habib Mundol. The event commenced with an invocation. The Vice principal Ms. Preetha welcomed the gathering. It was followed with the presidential address by the Principal Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya K M. The students were enlightened more with the felicitation speeches by the vice chairman Mr. Tanson Habib and the PTC president Mr. Mohammed Kammaruzman. The exemplary students were appreciated and applauded for their successful achievements. The toppers of Grade 12 and 10 received the Gold Medal from the honourable Chairman. The subject toppers were felicitated by giving away the mementos. The toppers from both the streams of grade 11 received their scholarship. The parents were so proud and ecstatic to see their children being felicitated. The students in their speeches expressed their deep sense of obligation towards the commitment and concerns shown by the teachers and parents in educating them.

Online Safety Awareness for Students (May 2023)



A great initiative taken by the Ministry of Education in cooperation with Etisalat. Organized a virtual awareness session on "Online Safety" is crucial in today's digital age. Students from grade 4 to 12 attended the session on May 22, 2023, Monday from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM through smart board in their respective classes, ensures that a wide range of students could benefit from the session. The aim of the program was, students can become more aware of the potential risks and learn how to protect themselves while using the internet.

Souhrudha Sandhya 2023 (Malayalam Club)



Malayalam Department of Ras Al Khaimah Scholars Indian Private School conducted the Souhrada Sandhya of the Souhradam koottayama as usual this year on 19th May 2023 at the school premises. School Principal Mr. Hameed Ali Yahiya presided over the meeting. The well-known Media Personality & Loka Keralasabha member Mrs. Tansi Hashir inaugurated the function. Young future Writer Miss. Tahani Hashir (Sharjah Book Fair’s youngest author who released her first book “Through My Window Panes” in 2018 at the age of 10 and her second book of 30 poems “Flames That Never Die” launched on the 5th of November in the Writer’s Forum at The Sharjah Book Fair was the main attraction of the Inaugural function. The school Chairman Mr. Habib Mundol and Vice Principal Ms. Preeta. M, Toastmaster Mr. Anil Vidyadharan were the other main personalities who took part in this meeting. There were colorful performances by the School Children. Miss. Ann Rose Santhosh, Bhadra Hareesh, Lisbeth Elsa John, who secured 100% marks in Malayalam subject during the CBSE exam of 2022-23 were honored during this meeting. The programs conducted by the school children, keeping the Malayalam culture was the highlight of Souhrada Sandhya 2023.

Youth Festival – Offstage Competition 2023



The objective of education is not just to impart academic knowledge, but also to ensure the overall development of students. Scholars Indian Private School youth festival off stage events were held on 8th and 11th of May 2023 for grade 1 to 3. Items for this category was drawing and colouring competition and memory contest. The events of grade 4 to 12 were held on 18th and 19th of May 2023. 16 items were classified under 4 categories of students. Age appropriate topics were given. Students were able to showcase their caliber and excellence. Results of these events will be published soon and the best articles will be chosen for school magazine.

Dental Checkup by Dental Department of Emirates Health Services (May 2023)



In collaboration with the Dental Department of Emirates Health Services, the school conducted a national oral health study at Scholars Indian Private School on 16-05-2023, Tuesday for the students of age groups (5-6, 12 and 15).

The main aim of the program was to reduce the spread of dental diseases like tooth decay, gum diseases, non-aligned teeth etc. Dentists from EHS (Emirates Health service) did the dental examination and face -to - face interviews with the selected students from grade 1, grade 6 and grade 9.


Scholars Scouts & Guides Camp 2023



The Scholars Indian Private School introduced the scouts and guides unit in campus on 13th of May, 2023. The official inaugural ceremony held at 8:30 am in the school auditorium by our Finance Manager, Mrs. Shyamala Prasad.

The first session was conducted by Ms. Subi Kissinger and Ms. Karishma Rizwana from Sharjah Indian School, which was an awareness session on scouts and guides.

The second session was a team building activity to boost the confidence and leadership skills among students. It was followed by drill practice.

The school Principal Mr. Hamid Ali Yahya K M, Vice Principal Ms. Preetha, Sr. Supervisor Mr. Prasad and Finance Manager Mrs. Shyamala Prasad volunteered the session on this special occasion.