The school has a well-equipped School Clinic that functions from 7.40 a.m. to 2 p.m., as per the school health guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

There is a dedicated team comprising of a Medical Officer and one qualified nurse on roll.

We aim to provide a safe, secure & healthy environment for all our students at Scholars Indian School. A yearly general physical examination is conducted for every student and individual health records are maintained.


A comprehensive medical examination is conducted for –

·         All new students and

·         All students in grade 5, grade 9 and grade 12 (school leaving).


The school Medical Centre provides Emergency and First - Aid treatment to students and staff in case of any injury / incident. There is an emergency protocol in place to provide the best possible care to our students. If required, the student is shifted to Sheikh Saqr Hospital through ambulance.

Additionally, the Clinic staff provides health education and routine Immunization services to the students, in order to promote health and wellbeing.

The school clinic also provides support & assistance to students with special needs and chronic medical illnesses.

It is imperative that the clinic staff maintain communication with the parents. This is done through telephones/ e-mails. Parents are contacted if some information about the child’s health is required or in case the child is unwell and needs to be collected from the school.

The school nurse/ doctor can be contacted by telephone / e-mail. Parents may also come and meet the school doctor to discuss any medical issues related to their ward.