Welcome to the Transport Department of the Scholars. Our commitment is to provide safe, timely, and efficient bus transportation services to all students and staff School.  We have a fleet of 15 school buses that transport more than 1,000 students every day to and from school, and to various locations and activities. We have a highly trained staff, drivers with strong safety records, and qualified mechanics who maintain our fleet.

Everyday children are picked up and dropped off at predetermined bus stops that are carefully set after a thorough survey of the area. Each area and bus stop is carefully studied and in compliance with the RTA School Transport Guidelines Manual.

Transport Department General Safety Procedures


Safety Procedures in the School Campus


1.        All the buses are regularly serviced and maintained as per the regulations laid out by the RTA.


2.        Parking areas for buses are designated.


3.     New bus drivers are placed under a compulsory 6-month training period during which his driving skills, temperament and ability to handle children are monitored.


4.        Caretakers are trained on how to take care of the children (i.e. ensuring their safety while boarding, alighting and travelling in the buses).


5.      The Bus Route Number is in the ID cards of Senior School students and in the Bus Cards of Junior School students to make sure that the students board the correct bus.


6.        Only after all the buses are parked are students sent out of the classes to board the buses during dispersal.


7.        Teachers and Office boys are stationed at various areas in the school before and after class to facilitate an orderly movement of the students in the campus and ensure their safety.


8.        Students are instructed to walk only on their right side in the school for safe movement during school hours, and while alighting and boarding the buses.


9.        During class dismissal, all buses have to wait for the Foreman to wave a flag as a signal that they are all good-to-go; only then do the buses start to move out of the school premises.


10.      In case of a breakdown of a bus or an accident, a standby bus is dispatched to the area. Spare buses are always available in case of emergencies.


11.      A vehicle with technicians and spare parts is also available in case of breakdown of vehicles.


12.      In the event of buses being delayed, the students are made to wait in a shaded area with teachers and office boys looking after them. Any queries of parents are attended to by the Transport Department, Parent Communication Office and the Security Officer.


13.      Students are not permitted to change buses unless there is an emergency and prior written permission has been obtained from the Principal.


14.      First Aid boxes and Fire Extinguishers are placed in buses. Drivers and conductors are trained to use them in the event of an emergency.

15.      Both RTA and In-house training are given to the drivers and conductors regularly.


16.      Drivers are strictly warned not to use the mobile phone while driving. If conductors are not able to answer the phone, parents are requested to contact the school Transport Department/Office.


17.      GPS is installed in all the buses as per RTA requirement.


18.      Parents are advised not to leave their wards unattended at the bus stops especially children below the age of 12 years.


19.      Students are advised to bring their books strictly according to their Time Table to avoid injuries caused by carrying heavy bags. The bags have to be kept below the seat.


20.     Every academic year the bus stops are updated and are fixed for the year. The students will be picked and dropped according to the list.


21.      Those parents who require an additional stop have to request for the same and have it approved by the Principal.


22.     The Bus Drivers and the Caretakers will check all the buses after reaching the school. All the items found will be kept at the lost and found counter of the school security/in the office.




Safety Procedure in the Buses


1.         Bus monitors are appointed by teachers to ensure and maintain discipline in the bus.


2.        Students boarding buses first are asked to occupy seats at the rear of a bus while coming to school. While going home, children who alight first are asked to occupy the front rows.


3.    Overcrowding or standing in the buses is not permitted. Students are shifted to other buses (certain stops) so as to make the students comfortable.


4.        At each stop, bus doors are locked automatically after the students have alighted.


5.        Windows are kept closed while the bus is on the road and students are not permitted to put their hands out of the window while the bus is in motion.


6.        After all the students have alighted, the drivers and caretakers will ensure that no student or any belongings are left in the bus.


7.        The bags of students have to be kept below the seats while travelling in the bus.


8.        There is a passengers list per bus and it is displayed in every bus.


9.        Running around the bus or playing in the bus is not permitted.


10.      Teachers, bus monitors and caretakers make sure that the driver is not distracted while he is driving.


11.      Students misbehaving in the bus are warned. Their names will be forwarded to the Principal if they will continue to misbehave. The Principal will inform the parents about their behaviour, and disciplinary action will be taken accordingly which may result in termination of transport facility.


12.      Use of tablets or any other electronic gadgets is strictly prohibited in the bus.


Roles & Responsibilities of the Parent


·   Parents must review the SCHOOL BUS RULES AND REGULATIONS with their children.


·  Parents must supervise their children at the bus stop prior to the arrival of the bus.


·  Parents must provide clear instructions to their children about crossing the road.


·  Parents are responsible for the safety of their children in the morning from the time the they leave home until they board the bus; and at the    end of the day from the time the school bus departs the drop-off point.


· Parents are liable for the damage caused by their children to the property of others, including the school bus.


· Parents should have their children ready to board the bus ten minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time of the bus.


· Parents are advised not to call the driver as it may distract his attention from driving.


· Parents shifting to a location on a different school bus route should enquire for the list of bus stops. Do not insist or compel the Transport Department to divert the route and/or add new bus stop.


· Parents should walk with their younger children to and from the bus stop, and take this opportunity to teach their children proper pedestrian practices. If parents cannot accompany their children, arrangements should be made with a guardian or older students.


· Parents should notify the school at least one month before they move to another residence so as to make the necessary changes as applicable. Any consequent change in bus fee can be clarified with the Cash Dept.


· Parents should submit request for discontinuation of transport facility three months in advance to the Transport Department.


·In case of temporary change in residence, write a letter of request addressed to the Academic Supervisor and forward it to the Transport Department.


· Students will not be allowed use two different bus routes for pick up and drop off.


· If the bus is diverted due to traffic conditions, construction, or any other roadwork, students should board at the temporary bus stop to be informed by the school.

Riding the school bus a privilege. This privilege may be temporarily denied or permanently revoked if the misconduct of child jeopardizes the safe operation of the school bus or the safety of the children riding the bus.



School Bus Rules & Regulations

·     Students must come on time at the designated bus stops. Drivers are instructed not to wait for tardy students.


·      Students who are late should not chase the bus. If they miss the bus, they should immediately report to their parents.


·        Students must obey the driver’s safety instructions at all times.


·     Students must ride the bus they are assigned. Bus drivers will pick up and drop students only at the designated stops.


·      Students must stay off the roadway while waiting for the bus and should form a line to get on the bus.


·     Students must wait until the bus has come to a complete stop before attempting to enter or leave the bus. Do not push, crowd, or disturb others.


·      Students must not leave the bus without the driver’s consent. No unauthorized stops will be made.


·     School bags, snacks boxes etc. should be kept under the seats for other students to be comfortable.


·     Students shall remain seated while the bus is in motion.


·     Students shall be courteous. No profane or vulgar language is allowed.


·     Students shall keep the bus clean. Eating, drinking, playing cards on the bus is prohibited.


·     Windows should not be kept open.


·      Students are prohibited from throwing items out of the bus windows.


·     Students may converse in a normal manner. Loud, profane, or obscene language will not be permitted.



   No student is allowed to bring any outsider (parents included) in the bus.


·         While the bus is in motion, students must sit facing forward on the seats assigned by the driver. Keep feet out of aisles and sit erect with feet on the floor.

·         Materials or items that might infringe on passengers safety are not allowed on the bus.

·         Fighting, pushing, or shoving will not be tolerated.

·         Never sit on the driver’s seat or interfere with the driver in any manner.

·     Never tamper with the emergency door or any other controls including air condition unit on the bus. Opening or closing the front door is prohibited for everyone except the driver.

·    Students shall report to the driver any damage done to the school bus. Any damage done by the student to the interior or exterior of the bus will require a fine to be paid by the student or parent of the student, and may even result in suspension from riding the school bus.

·         Students are prohibited from engaging in any misconduct as defined in the code of conduct.

·         During dismissal, students should immediately go to their concerned buses.

·         The bus doors will close after getting a signal from the Foreman/Supervisor.

·         Students should not chase the bus that is already moving out of the school gate. The door of the bus will not be opened for tardy students. If students miss the bus in school, they should report to the supervisor or concerned person and make transport arrangements through their parents.




Students and parents should realize that school transportation is a privilege, not a right, and the school may suspend students from riding any Scholars school bus for refusing to comply with School Bus Rules and Regulations stated above. Students will also be subjected to disciplinary action for misbehaving in the school bus