Scholars Indian school envisions a robust and a discerning future generation. To enhance critical thinking of students and promoting them to work collaboratively, the school ensures the proper functioning of clubs in different arenas. All the clubs have their own objectives and it work accentuating these objectives. The club activities offer more opportunities for students to interact with experts of different disciplines and to familiarize with the 21st century competency skills and to imbibe them to prepare themselves for the future.

The different clubs functioning in the school are


1. English club

The club aims to enhance the reading, writing, speaking & listening skills by engaging students in cooperative tasks and celebrations. The club engages in numerous activities to accustom the students with the works of eminent poets and writers. The modus operandi of the club inspires students to be eloquent speakers and marvellous writers.


2. Mathematics club

The club functions to provide opportunities to think critically and to solve problems which are identified as the most vital skills of the hour. The club engages the students in multitude of activities which serve them to hone their skills in computation and reasoning and thus cultivate a strong interest in the subject.


3.Science club

The club aims to help students to acquire the basic knowledge of Science and enhance the scientific thinking skills. The activities help the students to connect themselves to different arenas of science through first hand experience.


4. Social studies club

The Social club engages students in the celebration of many historically important dates through several programmes. It provides space for students to learn the history & historians and also in detail about the current affairs of different parts of the world. The Club activities equip the students to a committed future citizen.


5. Hindi club

The club envisions a future generation who can articulate the language efficaciously and spread a word about the history and culture of India


6.Malayalam club

The club helps Malayalee students to develop their proficiency in language and comprehend the different literary forms and culture of Kerala.


7. Islamic club

The club aims to spread the knowledge of Islam in correct perspective and to celebrate the culture of the UAE and its Islamic values.


8.Arabic club

The club helps to learn more about the language and the culture of the UAE through celebrating the festivities of UAE.


9.IT club

The IT club serves to help  students to improve their analytical and logical skills. and also brings out their creative talents. The programmes conducted by the club are designed to educate students about the current trends of IT and help them to have a hands -on experience."


10.Art club

The club aims to foster the aesthetic sense in students and exhibit their works to inspire the world and to identify the greatness in reusing the materials to transform the world waste free.


11. Astronaut club

The club functions to instill in students a love for astronomy and to explore about the space and thereby contributing a lot to the Mars generation and other future space projects.


12. Animal Welfare club

The club aims to provide a multitude of opportunities to work closely with the animals and spread the message of animal conservation.


13. Health & Wellness club

The club influences the habits, attitudes and knowledge relating towards the attainment of optimum health of students and then the community.


14. Reading club

The club aims to sharpen the critical reading skills of students and help them develop a positive attitude to a lifelong learning.


15. Gavel club

Scholars Gavel club aims to enhance the communication and leadership skills of students through meetings which incorporates sessions to hone their skills .


16. Environment club

“Save our mother Earth “is one of the drives in which students engage enthusiastically. Students conduct various campaigns towards the clean drive and spread divine message of preserving the natural resources of Earth.



All these clubs conduct various activities throughout the academic year, which enrich students and help them to explore more on the topic.