Scholars Indian Private School, one of the pioneering Indian Schools in Ras Al Khaimah, was established more than two decades ago in 1999 to provide quality education with a vision of making its children confident, independent learners and active explorers for knowledge. The first batch of grade X students passed out in March 2005 and XII in March 2007. Since then, hundreds of students pass out every year. Most of them find time to visit the school and refresh their memories about their teachers and the school. Now that we are organizing an Alumni Association for our old students, who contribute in their own way for the growth of the nation and the community, to get connected and thus to promote and encourage close relationships among themselves. In addition to this, the success stories of our old students will certainly be an inspiration for the current generation to set goals in their lives and persevere towards achieving their goals. The Scholars Alumni Association is yet another platform for them to contribute their bits and thus be a part of nation building. Therefore, we invite all those who have left Scholars Indian Private School, Ras Al Khaimah, to register here and provide the latest information about their current status.

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