The school curriculum prepares students for the CBSE, New Delhi. Children in Kindergarten classes explore and understand the world around them through play-way method. Special emphasis is placed on an overall development of the child. In primary classes, empahsis is laid on activity based learning. The syllabus is skill-oriented and content based. At the secondary and higher secondary levels, academic work takes predominance. Students are encouraged for originality, leadership qualities and to work independently.






Scheme of Education 

  The school follows the curriculum conforming to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, India. The medium of instruction is English.We take special care of students who come from different states of India having the respective language of the state as their earlier medium of instruction.  

               The other languages taught at present are Hindi, Malayalam, and Tamil.  Arabic is compulsory for classes in accordance with the U.A.E Ministry of Education rule.Islamic studies are offered to Muslim students and Moral Science to students of other communities.



Stages of Study



Junior KG and Senior KG are spread over two years to introduce the tiny tots to the world of sound and sight making learning a pleasant experience. Even children who come from a non-English background will become proficient in English conversation, numbers and letters.


Grades I-VIII:

During these eight years the students get a comprehensive foundation course. At the end of this stage, even those who joined from varied backgrounds following diverse syllabi are made ready for CBSE secondary school course.


Secondary level – Grades IX and X:

At the end of grade IX & X students appear for the Annual Examination which is common for all as per CBSE norms.


 Senior Secondary level – Grades XI and XII:  

    The school offers Science and Commerce streams.


           At the end of Grade XI, the students are made to appear for the Gulf Sahodaya Examination, which is common for the Gulf countries. At the end of Grade XII, students appear for the All India Senior Secondary Certificate Examination of C.B.S.E. New Delhi.



Examination and Promotion

Attendance is compulsory for all examinations. 


 1.A student who has not appeared in the final examination shall not be promoted to the higher classes, under normal circumstances. Consideration in the event of an emergency situation shall be at the discretion of the school authorities. A special application shall have to be made for the same.


2.. No students shall miss classes or keep away from other curricular and extracurricular activities conducted in the school. Regular attendance is compulsory. 


3. Those who do not have 75% attendance during the academic year shall not be allowed to appear for the final examination. Attendance may be condoned in any one of the following grounds supported by proper documents.


    a.       Pupil’s medical treatment

    b.      Any other reason acceptable to the principal.



 Promotion Criteria

   Subjects                            passing minimum

  Arabic                                            50%

  Islamic Studies                              50%

  Social Studies (UAE)                     40%

  Other subjects                               35%