Extra-Curricular Activities 







Arts, crafts, music, games etc. are an intricate part of the weekly routine. These help students to develop creatively and evolve into talented individuals. 




Communication and Personality Development ( CPD)    


  We believe that personality development is the improvement of behavior, communication skills, interpersonal relationships, attitude towards life and ethics and therefore it is an important subject to cover.At Scholars, we train the children to constantly enhance and strengthen their personality towards the positive attributes of life so that they not only grow into great individuals but also responsible global citizens. The school from time to time organizes competitions and events such as quiz, recitation, dramatics, debates, story telling, art and music etc which helps your child to overcome stage fright and gives them the confidence to become skilled public speakers.Through the “Scholar’s Radio” , Scholar’s School Magazine, Thursday Clubs etc the students are given a platform to display and groom their talents.




Project works


With the intent of keeping children creatively engaged during vacations,students are indulged in projects on specific assigned topics involving creative expressions of the mind. Students make models, files, charts related to the given topic, which is laid for viewing as the  Project Work Exhibition.