We at Scholars Indian School are committed to excellence and aspire to groom each child with  the core human virtues, so that they grow up to become worthy individuals and responsible Citizens. 


Alongwith others, here are some of the core values that make our children strong individuals. 


 1. Honesty 

   “Honesty is the first chapter of the book wisdom.” 


   ― Thomas Jefferson 


 The best service we can do to our society is to rear honest citizens. We at Scholars teach our children to be always truthful in whatever they do and live each moment of their lives honestly and with a sense of pride .We make them courageous to be true. 


2. Respect 


 All children at Scholars are treated with a lot of respect and understanding so that they grow up to be respectful individuals who honour the individuality of their fellow beings and create harmony and peace in the society. 


3. Gratitude 


 At scholars each new day begins with a little prayer thanking Almighty for bestowing on us the comforts and providing us opportunities to move ahead in life. Children are inspired to appreciate and be thankful for everything in life. 


4. Generosity 


 We live in an "I want" world. Me, me, me! Children also live in this kind of world. It is our endeavor that our children don't stay there. We empahasize on sharing and ensure that children get into little acts of charity and helpfulness .This would help them live a peaceful and contended life. 


  5. Uniqueness 


 Your children need to be reminded that they are unique from the time they are born. At Scholars we instill in them a pride towards their individuality and help  them believe that they are all very special in their own unique way. 


6. Forgiveness 


 If children are not taught to forgive, they will grow up to be bitter adults. By making them practice forgiveness we help them to see the world with compassionate eyes. 


7. Humor 


 Life is full of ups and downs. It's full of surprises as well as pains. We help  children see the laughter in any situation so that they are able to bounce back easily We help them see life as one big playground. 


 8. Positive Attitude 


 “Walk on with hope in your heart,and you'll never walk alone”  A positive attitude is a great virtue and we ensure that our children grow under  the guiding light of hope. Children are motivated to fight negativity and deal with  their fears and see failure as a stepping stone to success. 


9. Persistence 


 “Try ,Try,Try, and you will succeed” Another friend to humor and positive attitude is persistence. We are not perfect  human beings so we cannot do things perfectly the first time. However persistence helps children to never give up and to keep working hard for what  they want to accomplish. We continually encourage our children to do their best Discouragement in children is dealt by guiding them and asking them questions  rather than giving them the answers to their problems. If they learn persistence  when they are young, they will grow to be hard workers and learn to put forth their best in all that they do. 


10. Passion 


  We teach our children the significance of passion. Passion for life and passion for the people and things they enjoy. Passion sums up all the other values because it makes them excited about life and encourages them to strive higher and be betterpeople. Without passion, they go around living ordinary lives and having ordinary dreams.