Parent Teacher Council 2022-23 (August 30, 2022)

After reopening, the first PTC meeting was held on 30 th August, 2022. Most parent representatives enthusiastically took part in the meeting to discuss the latest updates in the school. The chairman announced the infrastructural developments that took place in the school. To make students' commute a smoother process, we have added a new bus to the existing fleet of buses. The kindergarten section has been separated and given a fully revamped look by the art department of Scholars.  As usual, a lot of important matters were discussed including the sessions for development of campus culture, Grade 11 quarterly exam and the upcoming youth festival.

















Parent Teacher Council 2022-23 (June 28, 2022)

The second Parent –Teacher Council meeting was held on June 28, 2022 at the school auditorium at 7:30 PM for the academic year 2022-23. Most of the prestigious members of the PTC were in attendance to discuss about the upcoming school inspection. Mr. Kamruzzaman, the President of PTC, organized a small celebration to felicitate the school for its successful E-Safety accreditation. All the members appreciated this feat and extended their full support for the upcoming inspection as well.

















Parent Teacher Council 2022-23

The first Parent Teach Council (PTC) meeting of the academic year 2022-2023 was conducted on 7th June, 2022. Most parent representatives attended the meeting amidst their busy schedules. The office-bearers of the new council was selected on that day. Mr. Mohammed Kamruzzaman Bhuiyan has been selected as the President of the council whereas Dr. Manju Avinash Nair will be serving as the secretary. PTC meetings have been scheduled to be conducted on the first Tuesday of every month.

















Online Safety Awareness for Parents (Kindergarten to Grade 4)

Scholars Digital Citizenship Week (May 17 - May 20)


Scholars Indian School has observed Digital Citizenship Week from 17 May 2022 to 20 May 2022 with an intention to give the teachers, parents and students with some e-safety policies. An Online Safety session for the parents of Kindergarten to Grade 4 was conducted on the Microsoft Teams platform on Friday, 20 May 2022. The guest speaker for the session was Dr. Archana Pandita, Program Director, Department of Computing Science, University of Sterling, RAK Campus. She gave an online guidance programme on the topic ‘‘Awareness on e-safety & Best Security Practices’’. Mr. Hameed Ali Yahya, the principal of Scholars Indian School, gave a brief introduction to the session. It was followed by the session by the guest speaker. She made the parents aware about some e-safety measures that they need to implement in their day to day life. She talked on how the parents should keep their children safe when they are online. She also suggested some ways like using parental-control software, child-friendly search engines etc. The session also helped the parents to know the significance of ensuring privacy setting policies and some basic ways like knowing the child’s password, keeping security software up to date etc. She further added some basic internet rules for the children. The principal bestowed the speaker by sharing a certificate as a token of appreciation. The session was really informative.

















Online Safety Awareness for Parents (Grade 5-12)


The second session on online safety held for parents of grade 5 to 12 students was held on 18 May 2022 at 8 pm. The session organised as part of the Digital Citizenship Week was conducted by Mr. Sameer Abdul Latheef (Lead Auditor – Information & Cyber Security, Tasneef (Emirates Classification Society)). The parents had a different experience as the resource person more than educating on online threats, warned about the potential threats that we face due to our ignorance. He explained with examples the possibilities of getting our personal data stolen from social media sites when we post family pictures. He spoke about the need of protecting ourselves by choosing a strong password as many of us are careless in choosing password which can be easily tracked. The guidance was an eye opener to all parents to remain vigilant in online platform.

















Awareness Session on Child Protection


The school counsellor Ms. Venessa Staffi Pinto (School Counsellor) gave a comprehensive online session on child protection to parents on 9 th November, 2021 which enlighted the parents on the topic and gave them the space to premeditate on how to do their best as parents.

















Online Counselling Session for the Parents of Grade X & XII


Scholars Indian School organised online counselling session for the parents of grade 10 and 12 students on "How to support students to improve their academic performance" on Saturday, 26 February 2022. The session was handled by Ms. Rosa Nimmy Mathew (Head/Assistant Professor, Department of Counselling, School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya, Mangaluru-India). The session gave parents tips to reduce tension fear and anxiety among students during exams. The parents had an awareness on the best parenting techniques to support their kids during difficulties.
















Making sense of adolescents


School with the aim of enlightening the parents on how to deal with their wards in teens conducted a session on 3 July 2021. The session by the counsellor Mrs. Nirmala Nair (Counsellor, Scholars Indian School) helped the parents to cogitate on the ways to deal with the emotions of their wards.

















Induction programme for parents of Junior KG students


To know the school and to be a supportive hand to the kids, a meet up was held online on 18 May, 2021 for the parents. The session clarified all the norms and the modus operandi of the school, helping parents to guide their wards appropriately.

















PTC meeting


School PTC members meet on the first Tuesday of every month to discuss on the points from the part of parents representatives which they collect from parents from the grades they are responsible for. The office bearers of the current year is as follows: President – Ms. Fathima Shemim
Secretary – Mr. Vineeth A.V
Joint secretary – Mr. Nigil George


Power parenting by Dr. Alka Kathra


Parenting is a subject which has utmost prominence and gained widespread importance due to the emotional struggle of children during these days of pandemic. The students who are left to learn, sleep and play at home often miss their social connections impacting them adversely leading to unhappiness, lack of attention and inclination to filthy and fraudulent activities. Dr. Alka Kathra demonstrated a session in which the parents were given impeccable guidance on how to nurture, guide and rear up their children in a happy and conducive environment on 2 nd February 2021.


















Parental control and E-safety awareness


A session on Parental control and E-safety awareness was conducted by Mrs. Archana Pandit, Mrs. Yashi Singh and Mr. Ajai Victor from the University of Stirling, RAK Campus, on October 04, 2020. Parental control has to be mandated as the children are fickle minded in their early ages and tend to get misguided or misled by many attractive messages that may lead them to many problems. The session proved to be successful which helped the students to have a happy and safe e-learning environment.

















Cyber safety awareness


A journey through e-safety during the distance learning was facilitated by the school with the help of two resource people, Mr. Avinash Nagadi on September 20, 2020 and Mr. Shoeb Pawaskar on September 27, 2020. This session was aimed to equip students and parents with proper insights on how to remain safe and to successfully engage in all e-learning activities.