School Profile:




  Scholars Indian School 


 100% pass in CBSE Examination  2011 – 2016

Languages Taught

 English, Hindi, Arabic (Compulsory), Malayalam (Optional)

Subjects Taught



Primary Level


Mathematics, General Science, Social Studies, UAE Social Studies, Music, Art & Craft, Physical Education, Computer Science


Secondary Level



 Mathematics, General Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, History, Civics, Geography, Art Education,   Physical Education, Computer Science


Senior Sec. Level

 Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, General Studies, Work    Experience, Computer Science


Scheme of Examination
(Grade I – V)




 Two Mid- terms and Two Term Exams

(Grade VI - VIII)



Two  Periodic Assessment and Two Term Exams

(Grade IX - X) :

Two Periodic Assessment  and Annual Exam

 (Grade XI and XII)            


Unit tests, model exams and Annual Exam
 Note  :


Islamic Studies (Compulsory for Muslim students) 

Moral Science (for Non - Muslim students)