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                         ATTENDANCE POLICY


“The future holds no place for those who lack knowledge and education.

                                      His Highness Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan


Find True Wisdom



To be a centre of excellence in provision and promotion of quality education.



§   To help children become confident, informed, purposeful and independent.


§   To provide an enriching and stimulating environment within which the child becomes an   active explorer. 


§   To provide a framework of discipline which empowers a child to develop self-discipline and a strong sense of




§   To provide a cross-cultural environment in which the foundation of global peace may be laid.


§   To awaken children’s interest in all subjects and to encourage in them a love for learning.



Scholars Indian School believes that good attendance at school is a vital component to student success and, according to research, those students with higher attendance rates will almost inevitably achieve better grades than others opting to miss out on more substantial periods of school.


The aim of this policy is to work with students and parents to promote a positive attitude towards school attendance and provide a learning environment which encourages all our students to attend regularly and punctually, enjoy their learning and achieve their full potential.


1.   To achieve 95% + attendance for the school each academic year.


2.   To minimise days taken as holiday and any persistent absence, during term time, in any one academic year.


Working Together: The School


1.   To support all students by providing a school environment that encourages regular and punctual attendance.


2.   To promote the importance of good attendance at school.


3.   To take the attendance register every morning during tutor time.  Any absence from school will be recorded as


     authorised or unauthorised (only the school can authorise absence, not parents) (Unauthorised absences are


     those which a school does not consider reasonable. This includes: Parents keeping children off school


     unnecessarily, truancy, and any absences that are not properly explained).


4.   To contact the parent/home if a student is absent for more than a day.


5.   To contact the parent if attendance drops below 90% without good reason.


6.   To reward excellent student attendance.




Working Together: The Student

1.   To attend school re